Medical Center Reflection

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One of the agencies that I had the opportunity of observing this semester was Clara Maass Medical Center, located in Belleville, NJ. The mission statement of this facility is to support the Medical Center’s promise to deliver high quality, compassionate healthcare, and to improve the health and well-being of the communities it serves. The medical center serves the local community with their medical needs and emergencies. The center has several departments, including same day surgery which is where I spend most of my time.
The hospital is conveniently located between several towns and cities, making it beneficial in regards to travel time. The hospital is centered between houses and apartment buildings, making it easier for patients to take
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The nurses that I had the pleasure of working with were extremely compassionate towards their patients. They have great chemistry with each other and the department never has a dull moment. Everyone is cheerful and each time a patient is ready to go home, every nurse says goodbye without having taking care of them. I learned some many great things from these nurses and I plan to continue volunteering because I feel part of the great service that they provide to their patients. In particular, one of our patients was is extreme pain due to the surgical procedure that they underwent a few hours about. The nurse responsible for the patient was scheduled until 5 p.m. but her patient wasn’t feeling well so she stayed longer to care for her. Typically, if a nurse is coming to the end of her shift and she still has patients that need care she can transfer the care to another nurse. This nurse in particular knew that her patient wouldn’t feel comfortable with anyone else so she stayed on shift until the patient was ready to go. Having witnessed this, I realized that nurse go a long way to make their patients feel safe while in the …show more content…
The first section is the pre-op area where patients come in to prepare for their surgeries. Here the patient with evaluated and blood work is done before beginning their procedures. If a patient has an irregularity in their blood work or exams in pre-op, they are informed that they will have to reschedule due to the circumstances. The next section of the department is the OR, which stands for operation rooms. Patients are taken to this section of the department to undergo their surgery, in an individualized room with the staff and doctors. After the surgery, the patient is transported to the recovery room. In the recovery room, the patient is monitored by nurses to ensure that they respond well to the medications

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