Essay On Surgical Technician

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What would be an amazing dream job? A teacher, a firefighter, a cop, a vet? Becoming a surgical technologist is a dream job. Knowing a future career interest is very important. A surgical technologist requires a postsecondary degree and the ability to work long hours. Being a surgical technologist requires extra amounts of education. To have a successful career in that field, it is recommended to have a postsecondary degree. A postsecondary degree is like an award, not exactly a degree, but a certificate provided by the institution for postsecondary schooling. The most common schooling is the twelve month certificate program however some people take the option of the 2 year degree. A surgical technologist is usually the one that sets up the O.R, hands certain tools to the surgeon, and maybe could help the surgeon during surgeries. To be able to assist the surgeon, it would be required to have the knowledge. When the surgeon needs to reconsider surgery options then someone needs to jump in and help. Plus, if someone is going to assist the surgeon in surgery, I'm pretty sure knowledge about the human body would be necessary. Because that person is assisting the surgeon by handing the tools that are needed, the knowing of which …show more content…
But when trying to become a surgeon, nurse, or surgical technologist, the training would just be about 2 years long and would be at the hospital mentoring a certain worker. That is also called an internship. What also comes along with being a surgical technologist is the long hours. Being on call for surgeries may involve having night shifts. Surgeries are usually a few hours long, many should expect to be at the hospital for a large amount of hours. The hardest part of becoming a surgical technologist is the huge exam at the very end of the internship. Its a two hour long test that requires all of the knowledge that has been learned throughout the

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