Social Networking Negative

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Social Networking. Positive or Negative?
In 2014, over 2.8 billion people around the world signed on to the computer or a phone and used a website. While in 2000, only around 400,000 people signed on and used a website. The first social network ever made, “”, let people make personal profiles and keep a list of their friends. The internet has hundreds and hundreds of social networking websites that kids and adults use on a daily basis. Social Networking takes a huge part in the life of everyday Americans and other people around the world, and has many uses including, making new friends, getting news instantly, and promoting a product or business.
Sasha Pasulka said, “I strongly disagree that social media represents the dumbing
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“Six out of ten teens said that they met one of their friends online” (Kang). This can be a good thing but also a bad thing. If a student attending a high school trouble making friends at school, they do have the internet where they can make pretty strong friendships that will usually last a long time if not a lifetime. But also, It means that the risk that the person this student communicates with fake people and not actually who they say they are will always be there. Sometimes, students need the online support they get from people they meet over the internet to help get them through school. Not only will it help them with school, it will help them be happy with the people a student or person ends up talking …show more content…
Workers or product owners can make a post about their service or product and if people like it, they will share it. This is a fantastic way to start a business because there are so many people on social networking websites. There are many options to get your product or service across. One of these options involves finding a keyword that a person searched for and sending them to a page that involves that keyword. Another way uses the location of the person searching. If a person would check in, on Facebook, at a mall, they might get ads that are for stores that are in that mall that are trying to sell a product or service. These are useful for companies trying to find young teens or adults that are on a “mission” to spend money on products or

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