Are Social Media Corrosive To The Real Community

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Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, have had an

impact on the way humans are interacting with each other. These social icons are not just a

medium for communication, but they offer more to it, than that. Social networks have attracted

many individuals worldwide because of their potential to address millions of users and possible

future customers (Krombholz, Merkl, Weippl, 2012). These platforms are becoming a norm in

today’s world that are difficult to avoid and arguably can be corrosive to the real community. I

personally believe that these are corrosive to the real community because of individual’s ability

to instrumentalize their online self-presentation, difficulty in staying focused and artificial

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Speaking with experience, all through life and up until this

point I have been told to always avoid using Wikipedia, because of the lack of accuracy in the

content and one’s ability to physically change the content to an individual’s personal opinion.

In conclusion, social networking websites being corrosive to real community is debatable

because these sites do have their perks. They are a source of entertainment,

connection/relationship builder and a norm to have. However, I personally believe these social

media platforms are corrosive to the real community. These sites give individuals the power

instrumentalize their online self-presentation, where sometimes it becomes a mystery to who an

individual is communicating with. With all the flashy creative ads, hyperlinks, images and other

matter it creates an environment which is difficult to focus towards. Lastly, artificial intelligence

where an individual believes what they are reading and potentially passing along that inaccurate

information. These social media platforms are big, and trying to avoid them is near impossible.

However, thinking about the content that is presented to you and figuring out if it’s the truth or

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