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  • Orthodontics Research Paper

    What if one day you woke up and looked completely different? Orthodontics have the power to completely change one 's appearance. Orthodontics can fix dental issues such as overcrowding, spacing, incorrect bite all of which can potentially cause many bigger issues. Although it doesn 't happen overnight braces effect the 4 million people that wear them in the US according to Dr. William J. Trepp. I found myself in this very position when I went to see my orthodontist my 8th grade year and my life and appearance was forever changed. Today, I am a completely different person, not only do I have straight teeth I also have a new level of confidence. When I enter a room I am no longer constantly thinking about my flaws or about other people noticing…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Metal Braces

    Them Self Conscious about Smiling, Lowers Self-Esteem, According to New National Survey", which included a survey that was conducted on teens and their opinions on how braces would impact the way they personally felt and interacted with their peers. Next, I started using Gale Powersearch to cross-searching more databases on the internet. From there, I found an article that while outdated, also highlighted how orthodontic treatment has evolved so greatly, and how Invisalign allows those who are…

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  • Orthodontist Essay

    Orthodontists are exceedingly specialized dentists. Their main emphasis is on the preclusion and treatment of improper bites. This is a significant dental issue, as improper bites can result in a variety of complications such as tooth irregularities, lop-sided jaws and warped teeth. Orthodontics was essentially the first sub class of dentistry to be documented as its own specialty field. Generally speaking, it takes two to three years of extra education after graduating as a dentist to earn the…

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  • Why Become An Orthodontist

    To do so, I must complete several goals: My personal goal of earning $100,000 a year, my academic goal of studying Orthodontics at the University of Florida's Dental College and graduating, and my career goal of actually becoming and Orthodontist. Valencia could help me achieve some of these goals by allowing me to complete some prerequisite classes towards my Associate's degree which is the first steps in my education. Valencia can also help me with my career goal by becoming connected with…

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  • Becoming An Orthodontist In Dental School

    an accredited dental school. In their junior year at a university students begin applying to dental school. Acceptance into dental school is not guaranteed, so often times the DAT, Dental Acceptance Test, is used to measure the student’s knowledge and plays a role in the acceptance of the student. It is the student’s job to shine and work hard and to exceptionally well in undergraduate school. Once you are accepted into dental school your first 2 years will be spent taking various basic science…

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  • Twitter Swot Analysis

    Along with Facebook, Twitter is an extremely popular social media website, and ranks second in popularity among users. Founded in 2006, Twitter is a fast-paced mini blog where posts are limited to 140 characters. With more than 320 million active monthly users, the health care industry has embraced Twitter(5). Twitter provides instant updates on current events as they happen. A recent study(5) examined posts made by orthodontic patients on Twitter in order to assess perceptions of…

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  • Orthodontist Career Essay

    and having paid lots of money for education. Orthodontists are the people who straighten your teeth by applying braces to your teeth. I first recognized that I wanted to be one when my Orthodontist let me sit there with him all day and help him work on other people’s teeth, what a great experience that was! Orthodontists do make up for the time invested as you can tell for the annual salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report for May 2009. I would like to attend the University…

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  • Orthodontist Career

    under-bite, to crooked teeth; These things can bring a persons confidence down.Unlike other Dentist a orthodontist 's are people who create bonds and bring joy, working with adults and teenagers and even kids meaning that a requirement of this career is to be a social person, which luckily I am. And honestly what Job allows you to work with all age groups and have such benefits such as an Orthodontists; benefits such as Saturday and Sunday off and many more. I 'm positive that a smile can make…

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  • Interview Essay: A Dysfunctional Dental Experience

    providers if they are not taking the time to educate their patients. Even with all of this information, it would be very hard to believe that the pediatric dental office had any intent to provide subpar treatment. They may have been money conscious, but people working in the dental field wish to improve oral health and enhance people’s lives. This situation was probably very stressful for Christina since this is one of her first encounters with her child having dental work, but she now realizes…

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  • Orthodontics Essay

    This work is about the career I chose. As part of a requirement for the English class I made this essay. I would like to be a doctor in orthodontist. The orthodontic profession is a branch in dentistry, which specializes in dental or oral repairs. Proximately I will present the years of studies of this profession, its functions and salaries. Orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that is especially dedicated to study, diagnose and treat malformations and defects of the teeth in humans. The…

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