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  • Colonialism And Imperialism: The Significance Of The Orient

    the West, the Orient served to represent a foil to Europe during the age of colonialism and imperialism – a foil so curious to Europeans, that the desire to obtain the Orient was fostered amid a time of unprecedented exploration and conquest. The birth of modern Orientalism transpired not only due to the European desire to possess a fabricated vision of the Orient, but also was supported by their self-reinforced sense of superiority, and permitted by the creation of a structure where the West assumed…

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  • The Orient Express Hercul Piorot Analysis

    The Orient Express Hercul Piorot was a private and a retired Belgium officer, who boards the Taurus Express Train for a vacation to Istanbul. While a board the train Piorot befriends Mary Debanham and Colonel Arbuthnot. Piorot became suspicious of the two because they acted like strangers, but were too approachable to each other just to be strangers. After the trains Arrival in Istanbul, Piorot checks in to the Tokatlian…

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  • Edward Said's Definition Of Orientalism

    Orientalism is a term which indicates how the West perceives the East as the ‘other’. Edward Said published his controversial book Orientalism in 1978, which talks about how Orientalism forms an inferior Orient, in terms of knowledge and domination. Edward Said opens his introduction by mentioning the Western’s misconception about the East arguing that “The Orient was almost a European invention” (Said 1). The Orient played a significant role in the creation of the European culture and it…

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  • Orientalism By Vera Tolz Analysis

    The notion and study of orientalism in the West reached a different understanding from an iconic book called „Orientalism“, written by Edward Said. Nevertheless, contemporary discussions have highlighted various types of orientalism in the Western world, their perception of the „East“ , frailty of epistemological distinction made between "the Orient" and "the Occident“ and have moved way further than Said's description of the phenomenon. The author, Vera Tolz, wrote this book as a study of…

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  • Summary Of Orientalism By Edward Said

    constellation of untrue assumptions expressing how the western attitudes toward the East were romanticized. Said starts off his book with the fact that the Orient played a key role in the “construction” of European and American culture, “the Orient has helped to define Europe (or the west) as its contrasting image, idea, personality, experience” (1). Said, born in 1935, was a Palestinian-American literary theoretician. He was a professor of English, history and comparative literature and a…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Professor And The Madman

    Minor, the book Orientalism contains the orient which in this case is our other. The orient is not only a group of societies, but “the Orient […] is also the place of Europe’s greatest and richest and oldest colonies, the source of its civilizations and languages, its cultural contestant and one of its deepest and recurring images of the other” (Said 9). Based on this quote it is defined as an abstract way of thinking, while also still pertains to a group of people and a physical place. Since it…

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  • Orientalization Of Orientalism

    Eastern culture that included everything from the Orientals’ supposed lazy nature to the way women were treated in Oriental societies at the time. This set of beliefs allowed the British to feel good about their control over territories in the Orient; far from oppressing a successful society, they were assisting in modernizing the people of the Orient according to their Western…

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  • Orientalism

    Being from the “ orient” or being from an oriental country can give me the credit of saying that Orientalism has existed for centuries. Studying the orient by some humans of power (Europeans and North Americans) has been one of the most common things that have been done on the orient. Orientalists have studied all aspects of the orient including the orient’s cultural aspect, economical, political, and even simple daily life traditions. This authority that the western have over the “ orient” has…

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  • A Thousand And One Night Summary

    However in oriental stories such as the Tales of Seraglio: Turkey and Persia we see women depicted as deceitful and creatures who use their beauty to manipulate men. Meanwhile, through looking at figures in A Thousand and One Night such as Shahrazad, Tawaddud, and Princess Budur, we find that there are many feminist characters present in A Thousand and One Night.. Could this presence of feminists in old Arab stories and the subjugation of women in oriental tales destroy the argument formed by…

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  • Edward Said Orientalism Summary

    Edward Said’s book Orientalism challenges a vast amount of scholars and their work on the Orient. Said discusses the knowledge and power, the separation of the West and East, and the obsession with the Orient. In his works he analyzes many scholars, political leaders, and military leaders justify his argument. Because Said’s work attacked years of scholarly work done by what he calls Orientalist, he received many criticisms, which would then tear apart his book just as he did. One of the larger…

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