Summary Of Bwell Health Promotion: Orgasm

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In Brown’s University Article “Bwell Health Promotion : Orgasm” they discuss that an orgasm can be located within the vagina , anus , and pelvic floor. In addition to that they explained that an orgasm is basically a pleasurable reflex in which the muscles contract during sexual activity. This can be sex , masturbatation with the use of vibrators or sexual toys. In the article there were a few tips that may help to achieve an orgasm : focusing , experiment with different positions , relax and important communication when it comes to having a partner involed. Whatever the case may be ;stimulating the clitoris is a very important role. They also suggested in order to intensify such an experience a women should
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Many scientists have followed the Master 's and Johnson’s research team. Researchers have done work on experiments they have conducted, in order to find ways to influence orgasms by developing drugs instead of natural born ways. There has been many failed trials . Delvin said it has came to a conclusion that the best way for a woman to experience an orgasm is for a woman to know her body. Not all women have the same experience as others , and what leads them to it. Yes Orgasms are for fun, but what if I told you orgasms can make life a little better. In Anne Breslaw article “The Top 10 Health Benefits of Orgasms”(2013) she gives us the best benefits of an orgasm. Now only 10% of women can orgasm , but there are other ways to experience it. It’s one thing to have an orgasm and sensation that comes with, but to benefit you , that 's a bonus point. Breslaw also says the main reason feels so good is because your brain release a hormone oxytocin. Which is also called the “love …show more content…
The first stage is the Excitement Phase, which can be defined as arousal. This is caused by physical stimulation and/or a certain emotional intimacy, or other sexual . I feel like most people would touch each other 's genitals , nibble on the ear , or even use oral pleasure. It happens within 30 seconds, then an increase of blood causes a rapid heart rate; not only does the heart rate increase the vagina begins to get “wet” which is called the trending effect. Women also have swollen breast and clitoris’, in addition to the Labia Majora along with the vaginal lips. The experience differs between those who have and not have had children . Those who have not have had children their labia thins out ,becomes flattened, and ills slightly away from the introitus. This phase can last anywhere from a few minutes to hours. A women becomes flushed which continues on to the next phase which is the Plateau

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