Business Case Study: Whole Foods Market Excellence

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Whole Foods Market - value excellence
A company that has always been building customer value through value excellence, I think is Whole Foods Market. It is a great example of utilizing customer innovation to capture the demand for natural and organic foods that has been growing rapidly in the U.S. since the late 1990s. Staying true to their customers and connecting with them through their product offering is the formula that Whole Foods credits its success to (Simmons and Carwford, 2013). The food chain not only provides great value for its customer but also goes to extraordinary lengths to educate them about natural and organic foods, health, nutrition and the environment.

Southwest Airlines - operational excellence
I think a great example of operational excellence is Southwest Airlines. The company is able to deliver prices attractive to a segment of less “affluent customers who were hitherto unable to fly” ( The airline was able to deliver operational excellence by eliminating meals, interline baggage transfers and seat assignments. It flew short haul only, its routes were point-to-point instead of hub-and-spoke, and its destinations were smaller, secondary airports with far less congestion. In addition, Southwest’s rapid gate turnaround, achieved by well-paid ground crews and flexible
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Apple, Microsoft and IBM have all experienced highs and lows in reputation but the as the survey suggests, the iPhone maker has been most successful in reestablishing itself at the top of the tree. I think one of the key factors of Apple Inc.’s success is company’s clarity about its purpose and ability to communicate it to customers (Solomon, 2012). Every time I go to Apple store I always admire company’s efforts to anticipate customer needs. They use face-to-face communication and physically show the person how the device works for example to build a direct relationship with the customer and increases customer

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