Change Of Leadership In Southwest Airlines Southwest

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This current paper attempts to consolidate the various frameworks presented in the literature of strategic management that will improve the overall performance of the companies better. The first paper discusses the issue of airlines Southwest, and the first successful operation of the company low-cost carrier in the United States of America. Caused two cases the problem is one of the Southwest Airlines experience, which was to some extent linked to the management of the new leadership appointed in 2001. This difficulty is a major change in the culture of the southwest, high fuel costs and wages. As these problems are also associated with the expansion of business southwest. Primaries is the analysis of how Southwest Airlines company a competitive …show more content…
Colleen C. Barette, vice president for customers, and promoted to be the chief operating officer and President, and James F. Parker, promote the general counsel to be CEO. Since airlines Southwest experienced a change of leadership, and a radical change in the organizational culture of the very experienced. Instead of working teamwork, there has been a growing distance between some staff and managers and senior management. Before the changes, and the senior management is very close to its employees and personally contacts them and celebrates the birthday of the events of their …show more content…
Airline can use the Web site to spread - effective manner in terms of the cost - and the public domain documents such as Jobs, annual reports, contact details, brochures product and other important flight information.
It confirms southwest customer service. The company 's policy is not only to treat the client in the best possible way, but also for the treatment of employees and internal customers. In this way, Southwest comfortable and enjoyable place to work.
Every employee of southwest is iconic and has his own personality. The original dress clothes, conversations humorous, and interesting broadcasts lead to an atmosphere of relaxation and happiness. It can ease the tension and pressure of the passengers to take Southwest Airlines, as well as the establishment of additional entertainment for everyone on board the plane without spending additional funds. Also a lot of focus on the mind can build a wall between people. It 's hard to express the true self in an environment that focuses

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