Whole Foods Market Executive Summary

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Whole Foods Market is a national and world leader in the food store industry. The company is well known for its leadership, open book policy, decision-making policies, team based operations, and more recently it’s conflicts concerning unionization. This paper examines Whole Foods Market co-founder and CEO John Mckey’s leadership style and how it influenced the organization’s culture. It also discusses how an open-book polity impacts transparency on the attitudes and behaviors of employees. Additionally, it examines how group decision-making pitfalls appears and recommends how to counter such pitfalls. It examines the polies and procedures the organization enacted that allowed it to develop successful associate teams. It concludes by analyzing …show more content…
During each episode a top-level manager within a major organization disguises him/herself as a new employee in order to find out how the business is truly operating. The manager then works in various areas of the company and in various geographical locations. The manager gets to know his/her employees by working side by side with them and communicating with them what they perceive are both professional and personal challenges. At the end of the show the manager returns to his/her office and employees that he/she has worked with learns the truth. Not every manager will be afforded such a wonderful opportunity; yet bywatching reality shows and studying companies that are market leaders, managers can glean a wealth of knowledge. The following paper views a real world organization, Whole Foods Market, in order to assist managers with understanding what a embodies a transformational leader, how effective communication enhances performance, identify factors that affect team effectiveness, and recognize conflict and the effects of escalation can have on an organization, managers can set them and their organization up for continued …show more content…
His charisma and leadership skills are evident in numerous ways. Through collaboration he promotes an environment where employees feel as if they are genuinely a part of a team. By creating learning opportunities for his employees, he empowers them to take the time to thoroughly learn their jobs and develop the skills required for job success and advancement. Mr. McKey delegates authority and responsibility to each team member allowing them to make their own decisions regarding the selection of many products, hiring choices, merchandising and even compensation benefits. Employees are urged to share concerns and ideas as well as to actively participate in Whole Foods Market decision-making processes. Whole Foods Market has been ranked as one of the top organizations to work for by Forbes magazine. Because of options like those mentioned, the satisfaction and commitment of team members are quite high. Whole Foods Market turnover rate is a mere 7 percent compared with the national average of 90 percent (Hitt, Miller, & Colella,

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