Panda Express Case Study

As a former employee of Panda Express I have experienced and seen how employees are trained. Although the techniques that the newly employed individuals are taught can be effective, it doesn’t allow them to fully understand the concepts. Therefore they cannot perform their job correctly or efficiently, and would create problems later on from the lack of training. I have noticed several instances that can be fixed directly. Not only does a new way of training help the employees, it also benefits the managers and the establishment in return.
Lack of training at a job can cause negative outcomes. Panda Express can eventually have an increased turnover because no time is spent on proper training. Alternately, this can cause the establishment
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This can reduce costs of hiring new employees, help former employees to be retrained on areas that they need improvement on, and thus eventually helping the establishment in the long run. This will create a strong workforce that has a great deal of experience and is committed to the company as the company helps better themselves. Another solution is to have managers get retrained to focus on certain areas for improvement. If this is implemented, they will know how to properly train their own employees. This will provide a reassurance that new employees will be well trained and improves the leadership skills of managers. The training of managers will teach them how to look for qualities in new employees and how to make a personalized training plan for each of them. Besides that, it helps to give the managers the option to take extra courses in assertiveness, psychology and leadership. If managers feel the need to improve upon those skills, they should have the option to do so. The effect is that leadership qualities will drastically improve and consequently create a better work …show more content…
This method can help the company as well as its employees. It ensures that the company is using effective ways of keeping their employees from leaving and it makes them want to learn how to do their job better. A lack of training can cause the company to lose business in the long run because competing companies will continue to improve themselves. If Panda Express can train employees so that they can have the necessary skills, drastic improvements will be experienced throughout the company making the customers happy. Moreover, if my solution is applied employees will be able to work effectively and managers will save money in the long run. If you are willing to consider my proposed plan, there are ways to improve upon this plan and in time can bring in more revenue. In addition to the applied plan, new employees that are trained can be interviewed to receive feedback on the training. As the general manager, you are always looking for ways to improve the company and you know that any feedback is valuable and essential for a company to thrive. The feedback can be used to continually improve upon the way of training. Once this has been mastered, it is possible to outsource our best trainers to other companies, effectively tapping another market and strengthening our position in the

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