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Question1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the above organization. Your analysis should include the following influences.
a. Skills
b. Staff
c. Structure
d. Systems
e. Shared values
Analyse the impact of each influence (as above) on the organization.
Assess the consequence of each impact as they apply to the organization.
The answer: My analysis of Aetna (Inc), using a SWOT model includes
a. Skills:
—Strengths: Aetna has developed innovative and tailored products and service solutions to place them at number one in the health care industry. Improving their customer services training and developing their feedback system has contributed to skill development, helping them achieve number one.
(all information sourced from class handout)
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On one hand, Aetna’s ability of competition would be hurt by high staff turnover. On the other hand, the expenses are increasing quickly because there are too many employees need to train and reward.

—Opportunities: In order to get a reward, frequent trainings are good opportunities for all employees to improve themselves to keep their market position. It could inspire their enthusiasm to make contributions to their company.

—Threats: It is a serious problem that Aetna should decrease its employee count in order to cut costs and increase revenue.

Impact and consequence: There are large numbers of employees in Aetna. The company rewards their employees because of their contribution to the company. All staff have an opportunity to be accepted and valued. At the same time, this company needs to train their staff to improve their skill. However, it is too expensive to inspire employees. So, there are more financial problems in this
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They have also developed a ‘Care Engine’ which is designed to collect information about its customers’ health, and providing the potential outcomes and costs. It can maintain and improve the customers’ experience and satisfaction.

—Weaknesses: There are several weaknesses in Aetna’s system especially its static online presence. Aetna needs to continue enhancing their online features otherwise the competition will improve their market share.

—Opportunities: This is their opportunity to perfect feedback system for customers in America and all over the world. They are developing solutions to improve the quality of health care.

—Threats: The system holds a large number of information about almost every American. It attracts many criminals to gain valuable information, as the threat landscape changes. Aetna is an industry leader in the application of information security controls. Aetna 's responsibility is to protect information moving in and out of this system.

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