SWOT Analysis: Malayan Banking Berhad

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3.0 SWOT Analysis
Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) has the biggest Islamic Banking in Malaysia. Thosemanagers have analyzed the external environment and the internal resources of the organisation, they will have the information they need to assess the organization’s strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat. Such an assessment normally is referred to as a SWOT (sometimes called TOWS) analysis (Bateman and Snell, 2013). Strengths and weakness refer to internal resources. For example, an organisation’s strengths include positive cash flow, management and strong brands name.Weaknesses might be lack of patent protection and high cost structure. Opportunities and threat arise in the microenvironment and competitive environment. Examples of opportunities
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In this action will boost teamwork across division and will stimulate the employee hidden strengths. In another way, Maybank have a high opportunity to expand the market into countries like Laos. This is because Maybank recently get the license operating from Laos’s government. Total population of Lao is 6.77million which mean Maybank have the largest business opportunity in Laos. Maybank have the largest Islamic finance market such as Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, China, the Philippines and the Middle East. Besides that, Maybank want to achieve become Regional Financial services leader in 2015, they search international banking opportunity in Myanmar, Cambodia and Thailand. Last but not least, growth in internet banking of Maybank also leads growth of customer …show more content…
There is a hostile competition strategy between these banks. Although Maybank is first bank introduce e-banking (Maybank2 u) but Maybank2u does not a monopolize market. There are a lot of competitor such as RHB online banking, pbebank and many more. This allowed the customer easily switch to another brand. Furthermore, customer of Maybank more likely to do traditional transaction than online transaction .This is because they are lack of confidence about the safety of online banking. They are afraid their private information intercepts by the hacker or stranger. Other than that, other banks will attract employee of Maybank with a good salaries or other condition. This is because they are more aggressively promoting their product

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