SWOT Analysis Of AUBMC

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Q1: The following answer is for the first part of this question which present the main internal and external challenges facing AUBMC

In fact, this case reflects most our organization situation. All organizations are facing some challenges in achieve their vision. The issue is how to identify, recognize, control and overcome those challenges. American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) is an example of an organization which operating in unstable environment. SOWT analysis will help us in identify AUBMC internal and external challenges through studying the environmental and organizational analysis. "SWOT analysis attempt to capitalize on organizational strength and take advantage of environmental opportunities. During this same process,
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AUBMC reputation gives stakeholders trust and confidence. AUBMC has a positive reputation in the external community which reflects the perceived safety of AUBMC services.(2) AUBMC has been accredited by three international accreditation- JCI, Magnet and CAP. The immediate image came to our minds showing an international standards, high quality, excellent services, safety, credibility and continuous improvement. High skill level of AUBMC staff is consider to be another strength. As it is well known, labor or human resources is one of the main factor of production which include physical and mental capabilities of people as they contribute to economic production.(1) In addition, consider to be strengths. Establishing leadership would help in revising the lines of responsibility and authority within AUBMC.' A good leader can make a success of a weak business plan' (Ref.Strgy.b) Dr. Saygh has been given the necessary autonomy and authority which will enable him to develop and to achieve the organizational vision. "It enables a not-for-profit organization to fulfill its …show more content…
AUBMC is suffering from Low employee morale which was due to several reasons. The chaos and economic and political problems in the country were reflected in staff attitude and behavior. The nurses were totally unhappy, unstable relationship between nurses and doctors. As we know that doctors and nurses are one of the main internal stakeholder, where Dr. Saygh should find out their problems and resolve them as soon as possible. The low employee morale might be due to lack of job motivations and unfair promotion system. Furthermore, there were no sense of responsibility as employees were not engaged in decision making or improvements and communication between the different levels was weak. In addition, High waste level at AUBMC is one of the main issue which need to be highlighted by Dr. Saygh. Lack of accountability kept employee neither interested nor concerned in protecting AUBMC assets. Furthermore, many employees misunderstand the meaning of not- for- profit institution of AUBMC, and so they thought that no need to save assets and make a profit for the institution. In fact, it is a lack of awareness, responsibility and accountability. AUBMC also suffered by operation inefficiencies which clearly shown in miss presenting number of employee per bed which result in duplication of information, unjustified overtime in some departments and shortage of staff in others. There was a lack of an integrated

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