Accepting Or Rejecting Innovations

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In “Accepting or Rejecting Innovations” by Jared Diamond he explains that new technology can be accepted or rejected by people. Technology is not an easy factor to be ready acceptance, but he says that they need to persuade society to adopt it first. Diamond states the factors that cause people to adopt technological innovations into their lives are a relative economic advantage, social value and prestige, and compatibility with a vested interest. Profoundly, I think his ideas explain why people reject innovations in the way that new ideas and new products come to exist.
If people are not able to purchase cars or any other technology because economic issues then why set a high price? Initially, economic advantages tend to make people reject new technology. The new technology created is assumed to make people happy and make
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Formerly, compatibility with a vested interest leads to rejecting new technologies. People contribute to creating new things or ideas that they know people will accept. For instance, if Apple stops creating new phones, tablets, laptops, and accessories they will not be satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, this demonstrates that people only tend to use devices that are at the top rank. If a person makes a purchase and the item he or she bought is not successful, then Apple or Samsung will begin to lose customers. Indeed, interestingly, the producer invest in the new merchandise he knows are going to sale. For example, the iPhone X was released in November, but people purchased it because it is a new phone and has better qualities. If iPhones had failed and not meet the criteria that people had then many people would not spend their money on something they own already. Diamond asserts that sometimes people are not able to change the way they work because people can either lose their investment or just don't want to make a

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