The Bandwagon Effect: Apple, A Popularity Product

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The iPhone, a commodity product produced by Apple, has been known for its sleek design and costly expense. This smart phone is considered to be one of the best technological advancement of the twenty-first century. That is because the consumers see right past the device due to Apple’s advertisements and how the mass is purchasing and utilizing the phone. This cultural phenomenon or “bandwagon effect” has Apple benefiting with unimaginable amount of profit. However, the iPhone’s success hasn’t made a positive impact for the employees who manufactures the phone in the outskirts of Shanghai, China. Apple, a multibillion company, is breaching the standards on workers’ hours, with an addition of very low and inadequate wage pay. That being said, …show more content…
I say it is more of their wants for the reason being that the iPhone is not a necessity. Let’s put class and hierarchies to the side for a moment; anyone can obtain any phone, not particularly the iPhone, just any type of phone in general. Just like the iPhone, many phones now a days are able to capture photographs, call, text, read emails, etc. Besides, Apple’s smart way of marketing, every other being having it, and the aura of having a status, why and what is it that drives many phone possessors to only want an iPhone? To bring class hierarchies back into the discussion, it’s the result of being placed into a particular class, that pushes the consumers to want the iPhone. If anyone were to be in the upper or middle class, and are given the privilege of having a sufficient amount of wealth, why not take advantage of purchasing and acquiring whatever is considered “affordable” to them? In my opinion, the iPhone is really just a rubbish object, that gives a facade of being classy and an emblem for status and wealth. “It’s a product which has become the ordinary necessity aka a mobile phone with high-end luxury and in a way, strips it of any consumer vanity guilt in a country where as stories constantly remind us that two-thirds of …show more content…
They brainwash their consumers and forces their costumers into thinking that the older designs are now out-dated, or that these devices can no longer function as well as their newer model. Along with the marketing, it leads back to the cultural phenomena, where many will be purchasing the newest model. This leads the individual to be easily persuaded to also obtain the phone themselves leaving their old mobile. Finally, this is also how capitalism keeps going, this is a technique for Apple to keep moving forward into the billion dollar technology market. Apple’s marketing strategy has secured itself a system to keep the lower class working on the production line of the phone. And for the workers of Shanghai, they’ll keep working, will still get paid ninety three cents per day, and they will not be moving up anytime soon. The only thing that will move up for them is the newest iPhone model that they have to assemble for the company and the consumers, who are hungrily waiting for it to be in their

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