Henr Henry Ford: The Invention Of The Assembly Line

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There was no efficient form of mass production of various products until the ingenious invention of the assembly line. This made most products expensive because of the extensive amount of work that people had to put forth into making products. It took workers about half a day of grueling work to create cars before the Model T. Because of this condition, cars were very expensive and most people could not afford one like today.

Ransom E. Olds used the assembly line in 1901 to mass produce his “Curved Dash” Oldsmobile. This made it the first commercially successful car that was mass produced using an assembly line. This assembly line didn’t move the parts to the workers. Instead, the workers dragged the parts down the line. However, his factory burned down and it only sold 600 units until production started again.
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Ford spent his early career working on steam engines and in 1896 he created his first car known as the quadricycle. In 1908, Ford made the famous Model T which later incorporated the moving assembly line in 1913. Ford “grew up to have a forceful personality with strong views” (Gould 8). He led the Ford Motor Company for 42 years. While he led the company, he revolutionized the manufacturing and selling of automobiles. During WWII, Henry Ford turned his factories to military vehicle production which helped the Allies win the war. Ford tried to run for US senate but lost. He died later in

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