Essay On Meme Fear

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Herman Melville once said, “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.” This would mean that it is always better off to be who you are then to try to become someone you are not. Thus bringing in the idea of meme fear. Meme fear, as referred to by many, is the idea or thought of not fitting into society in some way- one being through the use of modern day technology.
Technology are not only the backbone to one’s daily function but they also the tool for harsh criticism. By means of that, one would automatically be judged for what they own and not the reason behind why they own such object. As an illustration, if one owns a mobile flip phone then they would naturally be pointed out as “poor,” but in reality, it is because
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drug(s), and false doctrine. According to Blackmore, these “memes don’t care and are selfish like genes.” This would mean that memes are like virus and would multiply once they find the right population to “attack”. However, most meme fear are resistant to those around them. Take, for example, the food one eats and the music one listens to. They are naturally resistant because people tend to do what they desire and not what others want them to do. More specifically, meme-resistant are there to serve as a memory jogger or “an information or instruction to the things we do.” (Blackmore) All though meme-resistant can be considered a safety net, one must realize that it could also do harm because according to Blackmore, “memes are ‘selfish’…and propagate themselves in a sense that memes ‘want’ to get copied, ‘want’ you to pass them on and ‘don’t care’ what that means to us and our genes.” By means of that, meme-resistant can sometimes cause cultural clashes/tensions or hatred towards one another (especially if it is passed on) like racial tensions. Racial tensions occur when all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race as inferior to another

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