How Apple Transformed Me Short Story

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How Apple Transformed Me! Story Of Beautiful Tools For Your Communication Aha

Has this happened to you before? Someone asks you an innocent, simple question and your first instinctive answer surprises you?

I have always had a fascination with the word beautiful for things that are beyond the reach of the eye - a beautiful rendition, a beautiful mind and many more. When a friend of mine asked me in half jest over coffee, “ Congrats on your 100 blog renditions on LinkedIn, what is the most beautiful tool that helped you express yourself better?”

My instinctive answer that raced through my thoughts – the keyboard of my MacBook Air. As I thought of it, it is not as bewildering as it initially sounds.

Thoughts got bottled up in my mind.
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He prioitized his beautiful hack to record his thoughts – his own voice!

By observing all this, I wonder. What is your beautiful communication hack? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. I am interested in your thoughts.

My Apple Disclaimer and a tribute to unseen Beautiful.

Other than owning a few apple products, I do not have a personal stake in the company. I am not given to showering encomiums. Yet, my words cascade down from heart for Apple’s singular devotion to small details.

If we had an unusual map - every point on map represent population density rather land area, cities would occupy more space. Similarly, if we represent the density of neural connections to the brain rather than surface area of our body, the hand (below the wrist) and the face would be very prominent. See picture below represents a cross section of the brain and where different signals reach.

The sync up with my thoughts and flow of thoughts through my digital pen, the touch of fingers with the smoothness of the MacAir keyboard opened my floodgates. And my aha on my beautiful

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