Apple Vs Pc Compare And Contrast

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Various important choices plague people’s lives every day, and one that applies to a plethora of people is choosing the right computer. There are two main computer companies, Microsoft and Apple, that are quite different in their approach to manufacturing and advertising their products. The Apple genius or PC expert have no shame in attempting to persuade the customer to buy their respective brand. The Apple genius will try to smooth over the potential buyer with the fancy designs and the Apple brand, but the consumer should know that PC has much more to offer in terms of versatility and affordability. If the customer is a student or has a minimum-wage job, then PC has computers and laptops that are extremely affordable. Apple computers used to be as secure as a stone fortress, but that security has recently been crumbling down and has become susceptible to attacks. For avid gamers, PC is the obvious choice unless they only desire to engage in a quick game of Solitaire and …show more content…
Apple computers are sold at twice the price of PC computers and are barely able to perform the same tasks. Don’t be discouraged by the fact that PC computers often are virus-prone, as there are many independent repair shops that can help, unlike the case of Apple products. Gaming on a MacBook Pro or an iMac is entirely possible, but high-end games and newer games require improved graphics cards that come already installed in PC gaming computers. Aesthetics are undeniably an important decision in choosing a computer, and Apple ingeniously improved its look throughout the years. However, Apple has become stale and PC has made humongous strides in rivaling Apple’s fresh and revolutionary designs. Anyone who wants to save money, enjoy fresh designs, and lavish in state-of-the-art graphics should purchase a

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