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  • Analysis Of The US Great Lakes Megaregion

    We focus on the U.S. Great Lakes megaregion, which includes large metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Pittsburgh. The dataset consists of a balanced panel based on the monthly data obtained from various sources. Variables measured in this study and the data sources are described in this section. We focus on the time period between 2013 July and 2016 May for data consistency. Figure 1. US Great Lakes Megaregion (source: 3.2.1. Traffic Congestion Measure Traditionally, two measures have been widely used for measuring traffic congestion. The first one is to use the average journey to work travel time, which is measured and provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Average travel time is a simple way to measure overall levels of congestion, but it cannot provide specific commuter’s experience. For example, it only captures the average travel time during the certain time period, but it cannot consider traffic delay during the peak-period hours (rush hours) that are highly concerned by every commuters. The second one is to use travel delay index that can be…

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  • Industrial Pollution In The Great Lakes

    Industrial Pollution in the Great Lakes Pollution within the Great Lakes region has been an issue since before the 1970s, when pollution in this area caused concern, resulting in the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement between Canada and the United States. This was in place to improve water quality of the Great Lakes region. However, we are still struggling with pollution in the Great Lakes- and all over the world. As countries develop, they become more industrial to meet high market demands of…

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  • Chicago River Analysis

    Everybody loves the big city of Chicago, and knows that our drinking water comes from Lake Michigan. Well, imagine that water being filled with sewage and chemicals. That's the way that Lake Michigan used to be, and thanks to reversing the river, we will never have that problem again. A closer study of this historical event will illustrate how the workers completed this impossible sounding task, what impact this had on the Chicago people, and how reversing the river may have created more…

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  • Right To Vote In Electoral Elections

    One of the greatest responsibilities and freedoms we have in the United States of America is the right to vote and pick our political officials. This responsibility should never be taken lightly or be wasted by not being responsible and reviewing what the leaders that we vote in power believe in or what they can do for communities and our country. By looking at local and federal election data, and other areas of research, we will see what voters in the Great Lakes states are thinking about…

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  • Theme Of Immersed In To Every Thing There Is A Season By Alistair Macleod

    As Christmas approaches, he starts to ripen and recoil from selfishness to selflessness. As the family waits for their elder brother, the protagonist “wish[es] it to be cold, cold on the Great Lakes of Ontario, so that he may come home to [them] as soon as possible” (MacLeod 302). The narrator demonstrates an act of selfishness as he neglects the global consequences that could occur if the Great Lakes freeze. “The effect of the Great Lakes freezing is crucial because it impacts a range of…

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  • Economic Country Developments With Industrial Pollution In China

    because pollution also increases health issues which has led to there being protests around the country. Liu et al. (2016) studied the flow of wastewater, chemical oxygen demand, and ammonia nitrogen in Zaozhuang, and found that water in nearby lakes were not health approved. Cities continued to overlook the pollution problem and carried on with production and development of companies. Again, this raises a concern worldwide because industrial pollution will continue to degrade the environmental…

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  • History Of Senator Debbie Stabenow

    passionate about many issues like saving the lakes in Michigan, and making healthcare affordable for everyone, but she in not passionate about the immigration issue and fixing the immigration problems that the United States has. Senator Debbie Stabenow was born in Gladwin, Michigan, and lived there for majority of her life. She studied in the state of Michigan and got her master’s degree in social work from Michigan State University. When Senator Stabenow…

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  • Invasive Species Essay

    INTRODUCTION Background Invasive species are defined as non-native species that invade ecosystems and propagate to a point where harm is induced on native species. Types and abundance of harm caused to native ecosystems can vary greatly depending on various biotic and abiotic factors. Although the amount of accredited research devoted to aquatic invasive species (AIS) doesn’t reach far beyond the past few decades, the natural history of invasive species surely does (Pysek, 2010). A great deal…

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  • Albatross In The Red Sky On Friday Analysis

    The Highs and Lows of “Albatross in the Red Sky on Friday: Does Irrational Superstition on the Great Lakes Make a Difference?” Bowling Green State University, Firelands Campus student Sara E. Cordle wrote an in-depth essay entitled; “Albatross in The Red Sky; Does Irrational Superstition on The Great Lakes Make a Difference?, explaining how the maritime superstitions had a major impact on the seamen of the Great Lakes. The author states how these superstitions can affect the seamen…

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  • Sea Lamprey: The Cause Of The Trout Population

    because of population, the lamprey are an invasive species, and they are better adapted to their environment. Firstly, the Sea Lamprey fluxuater the Trout population because the population is unstable. Graph A shows that the population became unstable when the Sea Lamprey came to the Great Lakes. When the Sea Lamprey first came, the Trout had 200,000 Trouts in it’s population. But when the Sea Lamprey had 300,000, the Trout had under 5,000. Finally, when the Trout had 150,000, the Sea Lamprey…

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