Buffalo Soldiers Research Paper

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There were African American troops that marched with George Washington. In 1815 they served under Andrew Jackson in New Orleans against the British.


It was not until the Civil War that there was a large number of African Americans in the military.

When the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, many African Americans wanted to join the Union army. Sometime in 1862 Colonel Higginson from Massachusetts was given command of the First Regiment of South Carolina Volunteers. They were the first United States regimen made up of slaves.

By the end of the Civil War, there were over 180,000 African Americans who had fought in the Union army. There were over 33,000 that lost their lives.

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Postal Service. He designed the stamp with a white background because he wanted to show that these brave and famous troops were black Americans.

THE WALLS OF HELL July 14,1899
The black man would fight with everything he had in fierce battles that were like living in hell It was said that for the black man there was no glory, honor and very little reward in war.

Columbus, New Mexico was attacked by Poncho Villa, the Mexican outlaw. Brigadier General John Pershing was ordered by President Wilson to capture Villa. Pershing was also known as “Black Jack” because of his command of the buffalo Soldiers. The Buffalo Soldiers 10th Cavalry went into Mexico under the command of Major Charles Young. Several months went by and Villa had not been captured but many of the Buffalo Soldiers were dead.

WHO IS THIS SOLDIER November15, 1866
A cook in the Union Army was Cathay Williams. Cathy needed to support herself when the Civil War ended so she enlisted in the Buffalo Soldiers 25th Infantry as William Cathay. The doctors discovered William Cathay was a woman when she was hospitalized. William Cathay was honorably discharged in 1891 because she was declared unfit for duty because she was a

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