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  • The Importance Of Making Modern Floor Lights

    there in traditional lamps. The modern lamps are now getting available at a budgeted rate and this is one of the main reasons for the highest purchase of the same. In fact, if you keep an eye on different popular brands, then you might even get the chance of availing discounted rates. Choosing the best option of garage door insulation Description: You might face a challenging situation while choosing the right option of garage door insulation. Therefore, the best solution is to make a proper survey so that the tight insulation material can be chosen. You can now make your garage highly energy-efficient in nature by means of installing garage door insulation. You got to choose the best option in this regard for getting powerful protective shield against weather effects. Energy loss might leads to money loss and thus it can be only prevented by insulated doors. If you want to save great cost, then you can insulate your old doors of garage but if you face difficulty in doing the same, then you can replace the old one completely with a new one having higher insulation. Garage insulation is now possible with the introduction of garage door insulation. The insulation must be made in a proper way and for that you got to follow few improved tips. You need to look for the most budgeted option so that your pocket limit can be well suited. But before doing so you should get into a detailed market survey I order to get a proper view about all the available options. You can also…

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  • Mount Lavinia Hotel Case Study

    Mount lavinia hotel can accommodate occupants at a time. Built environment of the hotel possess multiple natural environment features over the time which the building itself and the occupants should be overcome those to provide sustainability in building and comfortless to the occupants. Natural environment constraints  warm and humid climate  High winds  Different high levels of sounds (mount lavinia hotel located near the coast and near a railway. Therefore it should mitigate the sounds…

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  • Air Barrier Research Paper

    Vapour diffusion retarders and air barriers are designed to keep a building healthy and strong by preventing moisture infiltration, neutralizing differences in air pressure and preventing heat exchange. Each performs a different function although some materials serve as both an air barrier and a vapour retarder. The Difference Between Air Barriers and Vapour Retarders Architects, engineers and others involved in building science research and construction examine the way that both air and…

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  • Hardieplank Research Paper

    James Hardie Building Products revolutionized the siding industry with the introduction of HardiePlank, a fiber cement siding that provides superior resistance to fire and insects. The texture of HardiePlank closely mimics traditional wood siding, and the product is available in a wide range of colors or primed so that homeowners can paint it to match or contrast with the rest of the exterior. Due to its strength, durability and classic appearance, HardiePlank has become the most popular siding…

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  • Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Timber Houses

    can be achieved from timber, comfort because they provide thermal insulation such that dwellers can feel comfortable both in summers and in winters, and protection because timber houses can be strengthened enough to fight the atrocities of nature. However, in most of the cases, people are worried regarding the choice of building a timbered house.…

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  • Osh B Gosh Case Study

    Kosh b’Gosh. The store is located at Tanger Outlet in Gonzales at 2400 Tanger boulevard #151, Gonzales, LA 70737. The construction of the building consists of sheetrock and steel. The ceiling of the building is open, meaning that there are no tiles to separate the air duct and the insulation. This can seem dangerous because insulation is flammable, but the ceiling is higher than most other stores around it that have the tiles separating the air duct. The occupancy is considered to be a…

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  • Austinmer Beach House Case Study

    Since the beach house is located in a residential area where there are existing homes, the natural factors were not too difficult to work around. However, when building adjacent to existing structures, it is common practice to attempt to design your structure so that it fits in to the neighborhood and does not stick out like a big ugly thumb. In the case of the Austinmer Beach House, the existing structures adjacent to the beach house allowed for the design of the beach house to be more creative…

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  • Heat Wave Marketing Strategy

    Introduction Our group came up with a new and never before done idea: a heat insulation cream. This product will be called Heat Wave. Our target markets will consist of Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Our promotional plans will focus on social media and door to door selling. The total price of our product will be ten dollars, yielding an approximate profit of four dollars. We aim to sell our product in drugstores and on our own website. Product Our Product, Heat Wave, is a heat…

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  • Reflection For The Bungalow House

    increase the durability of the house. Noise Line Gib boards will be installed in the bedrooms to reduce and control the noise coming from outside of the house and between rooms; on the floor plan it shows that study room is next to the bathroom on one side, and facing street and lounge room on other sides, so there will be a lot of noise around that area. The other benefit of noise line Gib boards is that they have a fire rating of 30 and 60 minutes, they have high strength and stiffness (Events…

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  • Passive House Case Study

    3.2 Case Study – Rosslare A case study was carried out in Rosslare on 1 of the 8 Family homes that were built in this project. The spec for the house was as follows: • The two story house had a floor area of 167m2 or 1,806sq.ft. • Space heating demand of 10KWh/(m2a). • Windows when installed a U-value of 0.85W(m2K). • A Dwelling heat load of 1.5KW. • The building requires a structural air tightness of less than 0.6h-1. This case study only took into account the construction of the house, solely…

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