Building Information Modeling

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  • Building Information Modeling Essay

    3. Uses of Building information Modeling (BIM) BIM is a 3-D model process used in the engineering, architecture and construction with tools to manage the project effectively in planning, designing, constructing and operational phase. At every stage of project development, BIM plays a vital role, in planning BIM is used for cost estimation; phase planning, site analysis and programming. In the design phase, BIM used for structural analysis, lightning analysis, mechanical analysis, LEED evaluation and code validation. In construction site utilization planning, construction system designing, printing the buildings in 3D format the project management professional highly depend on the BIM products. The high-end application of BIM is in disaster…

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  • BIM Based Technology In The Construction Industry

    INTRODUCTION Existing inefficient building stock contributes high volume of energy consumption, and 85% of the predicted building stock in the year 2050 is already built [36]. Many governments and relevant communities make a lot of effort on the decarbonising in the construction industry, and BIM is at the center of controversy. BIM based technology to enhance the energy performance have improved in short period intensively over the last decade [39][43], mainly been used in the early stage of…

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  • Jasmax Case Study

    satisfy the clients and also create a good architectural design. 2.2. Interior Design service In this field, Jasmax goal is to connect between good design and better performance. They have done a very good work at the current state as now, they have been working with some of the successful business in New Zealand such as Fonterra, BNZ and Vodafone 2.3. Landscape Architecture service Jasmax try hard to deliver a good design, but also heighten the natural environment. 2.4. Urban design service In…

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  • Nasif Historical House

    Similar to many historical buildings in Europe and around the world, building facades are of special interest in Historic Jeddah, as the details of windows, balconies, stonework and ornaments give each historic building its individual character (Böhm et al., 2007). Indeed, the historic district of Jedda has a long history that goes back to since 3000 years ago. This historic destorct includes several heritage buildings “around 600”. These heritage monument have been constructed since 350 years…

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  • Fire Evacuation Methods

    evacuation and safety. For example, people often delay evacuation to fight the fire, gather valuables, or attempt to rescue others in the building (Kuligowski, 2008). Case studies of tragedy fires demonstrate that these standardized calculations have underestimated the necessary evacuation times resulting in buildings that have erroneous safety designs which are due to faulty assumptions and the lack of acknowledgment of fire-related human…

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  • Case Study: A Letter To Mr. Lensherr

    Our team is comprised of several design, studio, and managing directors to both work closely with the corporate CEO and maximize a return on investment towards a new structure. In addition to creating an innovative structure, our design directors believe that our projects should be both aesthetically and elegantly pleasing to all residing within the building. As a design director, they are responsible for the concept design and project development. Secondly, our studio directors implement and…

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  • Big Data Predictive Analysis

    the ability to modify when results are affected. In order to take this strategy into consideration, firms must provide their insights about customers, adapt to business practices and engage with customers. If firms don’t use predictive information to change the future, then they are just wasting their time (Gualtieri & Curran, 2015, p. 2). There are predictive…

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  • Enrollment Management Essay

    Enrollment Management Division. The Marketing Committee model, also known as the Enrollment Management Committee model, is considered an introductory enrollment management organizational model because it does not require authority or additional financing, and is created to raise staff and faculty awareness of student enrollment and retention efforts. Serving an advisory capacity, the committee usually consists of staff from enrollment, financial aid, student affairs, and members of faculty. The…

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  • Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire

    growing country. Cities became more populated, resulting in larger buildings, and the risk of numerous fire fatalities increased due to building construction design. To this day building design plays a significant role in the ability of its occupants to exit safely during and emergency. The design of new buildings is influenced as a result of human behaviors during past fire emergency. For many years, engineers and architects have believed that when an alarm sounds occupants will immediately…

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  • Relational Database Case Study

    What is a relational database? It is a database that stores the information about both data, for example for a person detail that is link with their car details that they have bought it from the company. The data and relationships are showed in an entity which is in a flat, two dimensional tables. We would use a relational database in a company such as a car company so when they want to store their customers information and what car did they buy, they use a relational database which stores the…

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