Building Information Modeling Essay

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3. Uses of Building information Modeling (BIM)
BIM is a 3-D model process used in the engineering, architecture and construction with tools to manage the project effectively in planning, designing, constructing and operational phase. At every stage of project development, BIM plays a vital role, in planning BIM is used for cost estimation; phase planning, site analysis and programming. In the design phase, BIM used for structural analysis, lightning analysis, mechanical analysis, LEED evaluation and code validation. In construction site utilization planning, construction system designing, printing the buildings in 3D format the project management professional highly depend on the BIM products. The high-end application of BIM is in disaster
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BIM gathers information about the facility at various stages in order to properly manage the assets which are greatly used in quantifying, qualifying in design and construction stages. This data is collected by the laser scanner or recorded manually by numbers into a spreadsheet or by inputting model. For suppose if the quantities needed in the construction phase and quantity of elements in operation phase are readily calculated then vacant space if found then change the design and make that place rentable by knowing exact dimensions. In the design phase design information generated from design team found that there is a need for certain rooms or space facility then the contractor could determine the type of construction element needed before such as tower crane or specific replacement of the facility. The analyzing purpose of BIM includes coordinating, forecasting and validation to ensure the good harmony of relationship, to predict future performance and to check information is reasonable and logical (Kreider & Messner, …show more content…
Pucko et al., state that business Information Modeling through its process of converting the construction data into 3D model, later importing it into BIM construction management software such that the estimation of the project costs can be done based upon the quantities of the multitude of diverse material being with their respective consumption information, production rates and unit costs make it useful for the organizations to arrive at appropriate cost estimates which are difficult to arrive with the conventional cost estimation. The building information modeling is useful in the construction industry, engineering and architecture industries since all the three require the visualization of the physical models being built, the amount of materials which are needed to successfully accomplish the physical structure, which in turn enables to arrive at the cost of such materials using multiple software vendor applications like AllPlan, ArchiCAD, Bentley Architecture, Revit Architecture and Tekla. These software applications provide different tools that enable to visualize the structural design, calculate the cost requirements for

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