Woody 2000 Case Study

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Project Planning

a. What should be included in a Woody 2000 project plan? What use would it be?
Ans. The project requires the creation of a project scope, charter, schedule, budget, communication, risk, contingency, and close out plan thereby ensuring that the project are is well defined, communicated, monitored and controlled.

Woody's project plan should also include:

- Sales Assessment- So as to ensure that production can be maintained during proposed construction and that customer demands for scheduling and delivery requirements are met.
- Process and Recommended PMLC model- So as to document, task and schedule accountability, and allow for the smooth coordination between the owner, design and construction teams, and governing agencies.
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c. Did the project plan explain how the project and any changes would be controlled? Should this be part of the plan? Give reasons.

Ans. Yes, the recommended project management plan explains how the project and any changes would be controlled. Each aspect during the designing, pre-construction, construction and post construction have made it flexible to modify and absorb any changes. The owners, vendors, regulatory authorities and third-parties are taken into consideration. The internal and external factors have been considered while developing the new project management plan. The design phase is adaptable and time flexible. Proper accountability and allocation has been done.

a. How should quality be approached, and what does it
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The estimates should be definite and it can be made through development of design, stage of construction etc. The estimates must be made by taking the cues and suggestions of the subcontractors and following a standard format will help in tracking the estimate easier.

c.Is lifecycle costing a factor on this project?

Life cycle costing is an economic analysis where the various alternatives to the projects are estimated and the final selection of the alternatives is the one which gives the least cost. Life cycle costing is a factor in the project and the selection of the project was mainly by estimating the net present value and IRR of the project. Also the opportunity cost of losing one project is also taken into consideration.

d. Cashman kept his cash flow chart a secret. Why and what would you have done?

Cash flow statement gives an overview of all cash related activities that are happening in the company. Cash flow statement shows the flow of the cash in the business. The Cashman kept his cash flow secret because he didn’t want the public to know about the operating, financing cash flow in the

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