Nt1330 Unit 5

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In reviewing the current project and the deliverables intended, I make the following recommendations to address the issue of scope creep that the ABC Department has experienced on its current computer system upgrade project.
Forthwith, a review of the initial impressions of the project scope, with input from all respective parties to include the CEO, Controller, Department Heads, and Amazing Software. By discussing and compiling everyone’s feedback into a cohesive outline of a Project Charter, once developed and edited, to then create a new Project Scope Document. Some recommended points of discussion are:
1. What is the purpose of the new computer system?
2. What are everyone’s perceived short and long term project deliverables?
3. What
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In conclusion, based on the recommendations I have listed above and the utilization of Project Management Techniques, I believe this project reasonably able to achieving its intended goals.
These same techniques can be developed into the organizations culture for future projects and employed to make current processes more efficient. Should it become necessary to employ a project manager on future projects, I recommend hiring a PM who has worked previously on the type of project under consideration. This project manager will bring their unique skill set to the organization.
Furthermore, I recommend the following tools should be utilized, by Amazing Software, for all future projects in order to maintain the integrity of their business model.
1. A project Charter and Scope Document identifies the purposed of the project, who has a stake in the project’s success or failure, the budget for the project, and processes implemented for project

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