Leadership Skills In Project Management

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A leader is someone who is in charge and he convinces everyone to follow. He is the one who inspires and rule the team. Leadership skills are very important in project management because they involve the ability to recognize or see the need to change the direction of operation of the project. If a project leader recognizes any need to change the direction he or she must also inform the team members about the newly found direction, motivate them to work as a team to overcome the challenges that comes with the changes while they focus on the new objectives. Leadership skills come with the ability to recognize and admit if you have managerial weakness and therefore finding a trusted assistant who will oversee and manage the details of the project …show more content…
The defining phase is responsible for defining the project scope, establishing project priorities, creating work breakdown structure, integrating the work breakdown structure with the organization and coding the work breakdown structure for the information system. Once phase 1 steps have been completed, the project manager can now start with the planning phase (Gray and Larson, 2013).
 Defining project scope
The project scope paves a way for establishing a project plan. It defines the mission of your project, this can be the product that must be produced at the end of the project or any service that need to be rendered to the client or customer. The main aim of this step is to let out the deliverables to the customer or client and stick to the project plan (Gray and Larson, 2013).
 Establishing project priorities
This is the step where the quality and success of project are defined to meet the expectations of the customer in terms of project budget, project duration and performance (Gray and Larson, 2013).
 Creating work breakdown
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The developed plans will help in time management, cost, quality, change and risk issues. The plan include the ability to manage staff and external supplies to ensure that the project meet the deadline and within the budget. A list of all items that need to be purchased to complete the project must be supplied this include labour, equipment, materials, administration and other costs. Identify all major risks that might occur when running the project and strategize on how you will prevent them from happening (Gray and Larson,

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