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  • Nasif Historical House

    Historic Jeddah, as the details of windows, balconies, stonework and ornaments give each historic building its individual character (Böhm et al., 2007). Indeed, the historic district of Jedda has a long history that goes back to since 3000 years ago. This historic destorct includes several heritage buildings “around 600”. These heritage monument have been constructed since 350 years ago, alongside unique architectural characteristic from different Islamic cultures (Telmesani et al., 2009). Nasif Historical House or “in Arbic Bayt Nasif” is one of the most important building in the historic district which has been chose to be a case…

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  • Jedah Research Paper

    Jeddah soon will become one of the best cities in the world such as Paris, London and other. Jeddah is a large city in the west of the Saudi Arabia located on the Shore of Red Sea. Jeddah was suffering from some of the problems that affected the aesthetic of the city, the government has decided to start the development of some of the city problems. After that, Jeddah had developed by special experts, they had developed many things such as the development of public facilities, development of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ibn Battuta And Jinville

    In Sickness and in Health One aspect that many people read travel narratives for is the danger, the risk to the protagonist 's life as they travel through unknown lands. In a travel narrative, especially one written in an early part of human history, the chance of injury or illness is all too great. But what interests an audience is not just the thrill of how close the protagonist comes to death, but how the protagonist handles their suffering. This essay will compare Ibn Ibn Battuta and…

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  • Jeddah City Case Study

    4. CONCLUSION Public spaces are an essential part of cities urban life. They continuously reflect the combination of cities' cultural, values, history in urban contexts. Repetitive behavior setting in Jeddah city is almost typical along the Corniche, it forms a unique social configuration that required to be applied in urban spaces' design as a characterized image and specific identity. 4.1 Results The measurement process of Jeddah Corniche spatial system resulted in the following: - Sensing…

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  • Importance Of Local Bus

    malls to transport to work locations. This could be explained by the lack of parking spaces in the downtown area, which could show the buses as the best option. Buses are more likely to flourish in transportation to schools as schools. According to Blacombe (2004), buses take children from 11 to 16 from home to school by 23 percent, which is more than the private car to 19 percent and that is 1999-2001. Relate what has been reviewed so far in the city of Jeddah, the choice of city center of…

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  • Street Beggar Essay

    you suddenly hear a tap on your window, you turn around to find a man reaching his hand asking you for money trying to gain your sympathy with a few sad words. You then feel like you’re in a dilemma; should you give him money or should you not. This is a situation that many people in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia go through every day. According to Arab news, the anti-begging office in Jeddah arrested 11,000 beggars in 2012. Many campaigns regarding street beggars have been launched to stop people from…

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  • Race And Social Inequality In Education

    For example, as an Arabic native speaker and previous English language learner and a current English as a foreign language instructor, and a future assistant professor at the University of Jeddah who has been involved in multicultural and multilingual contexts for several years, I produced a paper to investigate language use, motivation and attitudes towards foreign language learning. Through this investigation I learned how attitudes about language use influence the way some Arabic students…

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  • Pros And Disadvantages Of Global Warming

    that Global Warming is cussing extreme weather and that the earth’s in rising temperature and make more frequent drought, heavier rainfall, Ice milting and more powerful hurricanes. Global worming is threatening the world, the raise in temperature is making a lot of thing around the world, every country and city had to be expecting any changing in the weather and has to be ready for what could happen in result of those changes. Flooding is one example of climate changing and how…

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  • Arab Gulf Family Structure

    from living in little size customary groups to living in complex urban areas portrayed by generic and optional social connections. The basic arrangement of the city in general isolates the person from nature of neighborhood group connections, along these lines turning his life toward more noteworthy isolation. The structural arrangement of lodging influenced the house to lose its acquainted capacity and changed it into an immoderate image instead of a substance possessed by a family. The Gulf…

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  • My Experience In Salifornia

    Saudi Arabia is my country and i was going for America to complete my education. It was my first air travel. I was to venture out from Jeddah to California. My heart was beating as I strolled through the entryways of the Jeddah air terminal. I was gripping to my bag as I walked up to the counter to get my ticket. I needed to hold up in line to get my ticket and after that get my pack checked. At that point I heard it "flight 0091 to California is presently loading up." After I gave this nominal…

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