Importance Of Local Bus

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The bus system

The local bus

At first we will review local buses as our first mode of transit. As (Dunphy2004) describes "The bus is the workhorse of public transport." He also mentioned that two thirds of transit trips in the United States are made with buses. local bus is considerably slower. The average speed of the bus that goes around 13 mph. From the bus runs at the local level, making stops are frequent and convenient. Planning local buses should be correctable. Setting the bus route or increase the number of buses in case of abnormal events such as accidents or natural hazards they should be considered. As for the large number of pilots that local bus transportation every year, we realize the importance of local bus system. However,
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Como (P Filion, Hoernig H, Bunting T & G Sands, 2004) mentioned, planners should focus and put more effort in maintaining the city centers. Each center of any city has a distinctive character that sets it apart from other urban regions such as the suburbs of example. Moreover, city department around the US They are increasingly conscious effort to reduce traffic and improve connectivity within urban areas (P Filion, Hoernig H, Bunting T & G Sands, 2004).
In recognition, improving city centers would take into account the improvement of pedestrian traffic. According to Zisman R & S Morris (1962), the improvement of public transport goes hand in hand with improved walkability. The movement of pedestrians is very important, especially in the center and improving them would be beneficial to reflect on public transport (Morris R & S Zisman,
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In some cases, Blacombe (2004) mentioned that sometimes buses transport more passengers to the malls to transport to work locations. This could be explained by the lack of parking spaces in the downtown area, which could show the buses as the best option.
Buses are more likely to flourish in transportation to schools as schools.

According to Blacombe (2004), buses take children from 11 to 16 from home to school by 23 percent, which is more than the private car to 19 percent and that is 1999-2001.
Relate what has been reviewed so far in the city of Jeddah, the choice of city center of Jeddah, as a starting point would be logical. Configuring public transport system bus in the city center will serve the groups that most need for such a service. These groups are made up of residents in central Jeddah, moving from home to work. Buses also help in transporting students to their schools. In addition to tourists

visit the city will highly benefit from this system. According to the "Strategic Plan Jeddah" (2009), 67 percent of tourists coming to Jeddah they are for entertainment and shopping. Also mentioned the city center of Jeddah is one of the most important to attract tourists, besides the sea coast

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