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  • Importance Of The Illinois Institute Of Technology

    new ideas and innovation by taking advantage of the many resources of this land of opportunities. During my time here i have had a couple jobs which allowed me to have an inside look on what it is to be a blue collar worker in america. I realised that i have the tendency to give a everything in what i do, with that, I have lost track of why I had moved here in the first place. We all have our moment in life that changes us, or that reminds us of what we use to be, for some that moment is triggered by a dramatic event, for other is just by simple reflection on their life, In my case that moment was at work not long ago. I was working as a general service tech for Firestone, I will never forget the day i was doing and oil change on a jeep grand Cherokee, a fairly routine operation, I had managed to spill oil on myself while trying to replace the oil filter, although that 's a common incident in the field, for some reason that day was different, after I had completed the oil change I walked to the locker room to clean myself up, while washing my hands, I looked up and had a moment of reflection, I did not recognize the man who was staring back at me in the mirror, and then it hit me, i couldn’t believe myself, i did not travel over 8000 miles to start doing oil changes, at that moment i realized how much i have let down myself and my family and most importantly my father, i came to this country with the goal of bringing new ideas, creating new technology that makes hour…

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  • The Characteristics Of Male Gender In High And Mighty, By Keith Bradsher

    predators. "A strong animal has a big jaw, that's why we put big fenders, 'Rapaille says." Even a more primitive or perhaps savage is yet another unspoken rationale for owning an SUV. "My theory is the reptilian always wins,' he said, 'If there's a crash, I want the other guy to die. Of course, I can't say that aloud." Hence, the rationale for owning an SUV, and willingness to put others at risk rather than themselves in a crash situation. Again, questioning the rules of moral behavior.…

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  • Analysis Of 2016 Jeep Compass

    Page: Airport CDJR 2016 Jeep Compass 2016 Jeep Compass in Orlando, FL allocation: Kissimmee, Winter Park, and Altamonte Springs, FL The barely diminished and more customary 2016 Jeep Compass accompanies accommodation highlights and a light outside. The 2016 Jeep Compass has another intense, forceful and a much sportier look. In the event that you are searching for solace for a broad outing or some experience, the 2016 Jeep Compass is your most solid option. Come to Airport CDJR for a…

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  • The Jeep Wrangler: America's Role In The Vietnam War

    The Jeep Wrangler has been an American icon since it was invented for the Army in March of 1941. The simplicity and the rugged all terrain design of the vehicle made it ideal for use by the Army. The Army first ordered 1,500 BRC-40 to be manufactured by the Bantam Motor Car Company. After its widespread success, the Jeep Willies replaced its predecessor. Willis produced about 363,000 Jeeps and Ford produced some 280,000 for use in WWII. It is widely believed that the Jeep played a key role in…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Challenges Of Driving

    until I started work for the summer that it set in that I would soon need to start driving again. I had applied at a marina in Deltaville Virginia near my grandpa’s house and was hired on the spot. I have always loved the water and wanted to get away from the busy city for the summer but I soon came to realize that not having a car and the fear of driving was ruining my work plans. One afternoon in late June my parents came to my grandpa’s house and they drove separate which was unusual. My…

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  • Cherokee Removal Essay

    Americans subjected the Cherokee to harsh treatment and force migration during the Jacksonian era known as the Trail of Tears. The controversy and debate surrounding Cherokee removal reached national level and is often cited for President Andrew Jackson’s hate for Native Americans. The Cherokee Removal: A Brief History with Documents edited by Theda Perdue and Michael D. Green provides a collection of documents dealing the controversial issue of forced migration of the Native Americans…

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  • Seminole Influence In Florida

    INTRODUCTION Since before the British occupation of Florida (1763-1783), continuing throughout the second Spanish occupation (1783-1821), and unto the American occupation (1821), Creeks and many other southeastern Indian tribes, driven out of their homelands including escaping wars and colonial expansion, migrated to Florida. Although many other Indian tribes previously inhabited the peninsula, European diseases and wars devastated Florida’s Native population. Those few who survived: Timucua,…

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  • Essay On The Battle At Horseshoe Bend

    Indian after the Creek killing was now being seen as uncivilized salvages that had no rights. After the battle of Horseshoe Bend, the Creek Tribe was left with nothing. Starving and ill the Creek survivors surrender to Jackson. Amongst those that surrender was Red Eagle, Red Eagle “made a dramatic surrender to Jackson, seeking relief for the surrendering and deprivations of his people”. Jackson used the plight of the Creek to demand the land coveted by the settlers, so in August 1814…

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  • War Of 1812 Consequences

    The journey depicted the brutal action that the government underwent to remove the Cherokee out of their land. Around 4,000 Cherokee Natives died and showed the brutal actions that the United States took to strip the Natives of the ancestral land (Stockdale 2). The natives were seen as being uncivilized beings who were known as just being “hunters” or “savages” although they were able to prove otherwise by creating their own indigenous language and culture with neighboring Natives near the…

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  • Pottawatomi Tribe Essay

    the Cherokee tribe. The Cherokee Native Americans are a North American tribe originated in the Southern Appalachians (Birchfield, 2004). Cherokee is the largest Native nation in the United States consisting of approximately two hundred seventy five thousand people (Birchfield, 2004). Like the Potawatomi tribe, Cherokees are mixed blood through intermarriages with Indian and non- Indians. The Cherokee language, Iroquoian is very closely associated with the language of the Mohawks (Birchfield,…

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