Jefferson Davis

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  • Jefferson Davis Strengths And Weaknesses

    would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came.” –Jefferson Davis ("Jefferson ").Jefferson Davis didn't do a good job as the president of the Confederate States of America. Every time the Confederacy had a problem, Stephens blamed it on Jefferson Davis. In addition, it was easy for the people to point out Jefferson Davis’s weaknesses and mistakes (“Was”).Also, Jefferson Davis didn’t work well with the Confederacy generals, congress, cabinet and the government (“Jefferson Davis is”). Lastly , Jefferson Davis didn’t do a great job at being the President of the Confederate States of America. Jefferson Davis learned a handful of…

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  • The Role Of African American Spies In The Civil War

    Upon Mr. John Van Lew’s death, Mary Elizabeth Bowser and other slaves were freed; by the wife and Daughter of Mr. Van Lew. Shortly after gaining her freedom, Elizabeth Van Lew sent Mary Elizabeth Bowser to be educated in Philadelphia so that she may take part in a larger covert spy operation against the confederates. Upon her completion of education, Mrs. Bowser obtained part time work to serving the Davis family, the family of the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Once gaining full time…

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  • Jefferson Davis Research Paper

    The life of Jefferson Davis, is an iconic American story, about military service, government leadership, and the establishment of the Confederate States of America. However, prior to the civil war, Jefferson Davis was a war hero that served a prestigious political career. If the South never succeeded from the Union, history would have remembered Jefferson Davis as a person that was a great political administer, and decisive war hero who proudly served the American Government. However, after…

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  • Northern War Strategy

    In the first two years of the war (1861-62), Lee understood that the defensive strategy desired by Davis was impractical when pitted against the industrial capabilities of the Northern states. Lee’s realization then manifested itself in an offensive-defensive strategy. Lee saw the impracticality of entrenching troops along the Southern coast mostly because of advancements in riffling technology that allowed the Northern artillery to make short work of Confederate fortifications. In order to…

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  • What Are The Reasons For Robert E Lee's Failure

    After the battle, Robert E. Lee, retreated to Virginia on July 4th, 1863. His army was severely weakened, with about 28,000 captured, wounded, or killed. The Union army also suffered about 23,000 similar losses (Benson). Lee’s army withdrew to the southwest through a driving rain in a wagon train stretching 17 miles (Aines). During the retreat, Lee repeated his remarks at the failure of Pickett’s Charge: “It is all my fault, I thought my men were invincible.” Robert E. Lee offered his…

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  • The Dog's Bite Summary

    In fact, Lincoln was against executing any Confederate officials while others pressured for it. If it were up to Lincoln, he would let them all go free and scare them off. One day, Sherman asked Lincoln if he wanted Jefferson Davis to be captured or allowed to escape when the time came. Lincoln replied with a short story about an old lecturer who was very by the book. One day, while out on a ride in the hot son, he stopped by a friend’s house. The friend offered him a drink of lemonade and…

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  • Why Did The Confederacy Lose The Civil War?

    H. Stephens, “the Negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery…is his natural and normal condition” (Tanner 89). In other words, the Confederacy was fighting to keep the institution of slavery in place, which was a firm part of southern society that many Confederates believed to be the correct way of living. However, the Confederacy was put at a disadvantage during the war because of how African-American slaves, who sometimes ran away from their white masters, provided Union armies and…

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  • Roll Of Thunder Hear Me Cry Analysis

    In the book she has to fight with herself which then changes her character. She is changing her beliefs by hiding a secret from her mother. Just earlier on in the day the kids had dug holes in the road causing the Jefferson Davis school bus to crash. When news started to spread more and more people started to know. When Cassies mother found out she had to go against her on will not to tell her what had happened. As the children were sworn to secrecy and could not tell. "its funny, i didnt…

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  • Description Of The Battle Of Confederacy

    In 1860s, because the fact of southern states wanted to remain the slavery stable while the North desired to abolish the slavery. Meanwhile Abraham Lincoln led the Union and fought with the Confederacy whose commander was Jefferson Davis. The goal of union was to protect the unity, but many armies were controlled by South, also they owned wide land. It seemed difficult for the Union troops to win the Confederacy drastically. Moreover, the strategy of Confederacy was only to defense, controlled…

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  • Lincoln And Davis Conflicts

    The Civil War had is one of the worst wars ever fought. There were challenges for the North and the South. Lincoln was elected President in November, 1860 and made his inaugural speech in March 1861, were two weeks before on February 16th, President Davis gave his inaugural speech to the Confederate States. Lincoln and Davis both were born in Kentucky, less than one-hundred miles from each other. Lincoln had very little schooling, was known as a storekeeper, country postmaster,…

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