College Admissions Essay: The Purpose Of My Life

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"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experiece to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." Roosevelt said. My life did not begin when I came to the earth, my life begun when I learn, think and build a new relationships. Howevere, I did not choose my name but I choose the suitable way to live my life as I want. My grandfather who achieved his goal when he became a warlord at the Egyptian army during the fifties. My grandfather, Zakaria Omran contributed in the 56's war, 67's war and 73's war, in other words, he felt the defeat but he never accepted it until he contributed to feel the victory. The first breath for me started in 1994 in El Marwa hospital in El Muhndseen district, as the youngest member of my family, I learnt more about life during my first years on this earth. I studied in Egypt until I became 12 years old at …show more content…
" Dickie said. This qoute was my main qoute of life, I dreamed all my life to study political science in order to know the cultures, the international crises and the condition of the politics in the middle east. I alwayes took the middle side of any case in Egypt or abroad, I used to wait until to launch an opinion about anything, I can not say I'm totally with this. "Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds dicuss events, weak minds discuss people." Socrates said. Judging on the cases is not advantage for us even we know enough about it. The value of making deceisions make us take our time to take any deceision. As my favourite hoppy is following the political news in the middle east, I decided to study journalism, moreover, I decided to do a master's degree in political science after graduation. I used to follow the principals of the ancient greek philosophiers. Socrates who is the greatest man of the history for me contributed to make me more awarable of the current condition of out society which suffer from many

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