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  • The Choice Of A Career In The University For Architectural Engineering Course

    Draft of project study This essay will shows the choice of a major and the reasons of choosing this major. Then it will shows the career options that will be able to work. First of all my degree I had choose BEng Architectural engineering because of many reasons. Starting with my parents they supported me a lot to be here in John moors university here where I am at the foundation programme doing my degree. My father he was the first person who lit a spark in me about this major. I have a good background because he always telling me about everything has a relationship with architectural. This led me to think that he is architectural engineering and because we have our own factory which is all about iron, glass and aluminium. I was shocked…

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  • The Importance Of Architectural Engineering

    from many different fields, including designers in both interior and exterior, engineers, quantity surveyors, managers and so on. But, in this essay I am going to demonstrate on architectural engineers and their importance of their roles and responsibilities. The architectural engineers in other word building engineers are the heart…

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  • Nasif Historical House

    2007). Indeed, the historic district of Jedda has a long history that goes back to since 3000 years ago. This historic destorct includes several heritage buildings “around 600”. These heritage monument have been constructed since 350 years ago, alongside unique architectural characteristic from different Islamic cultures (Telmesani et al., 2009). Nasif Historical House or “in Arbic Bayt Nasif” is one of the most important building in the historic district which has been chose to be a case…

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  • Puryear's Art Analysis

    Looking at sculptures and paintings in person or in a museum rather than looking at them on a flat screen can drastically change the way you take in the artwork in many different ways. One good example is the Ladder for Booker T. Washington by Martin Puryear, which, in person, was vastly larger than I expected. When looking at an artwork in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, you get to observe details and witness different focal points that you would most likely miss looking at a computer. In…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Architecture

    A four to five year Bachelor of Architecture degree is commonly earned to become a competent architect. The cost of tuition for an architectural school is considerably high ranging from $19,791 to $26,252 a year depending on whether an in state or out-of-state school is attended (Cramer). Once a degree in architecture is acquired, most state architectural registration boards require the student to earn experience of a minimum of 3-years through an internship with a firm (Architects). In total, a…

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  • Analysis Of Landscape Is Our Sex By David Heyrmann

    landscape as a strategy to persuade the public to accept ambitious designs. Heymann asserts that few architects create designs that are a true response to the unique characteristics of a site (like Glenn Murcutt); rather, most architects use elements of the site to generate an abstracted architectural form and retrospectively insert landscape into the design discourse to sell and justify design decisions (like Zaha Hadid). Heymann identifies the modern architects’ spurious connection between…

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  • Design And Build Contract

    In a design and build contract an initial contractor is employed by the client, then the contractor is responsible for overseeing both the design and construction phase of a project. The contractor would either have their own in house design team they would use or employ external consultants who would assist in the design phase. A novation agreement is sometimes used in a design and build contract, this is where the client employs consultants to produce their initial design then the same…

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  • Landscape Urbanism Case Study

    Here, I am blogging some random thoughts about today’s discussion of how to apply landscape urbanist strategies to architectural level. When it comes to architectures, it always seems to be harder for us to put CAS theory into practical use, and here’re some possible reasons as far as I am concerned. Firstly, architectures are not easy to change due to their large scale compared to human. For example, Capsule Tower, which is a masterpiece represents for Metabolism, built by japanese architect…

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  • Similarities Between Romane And Gothic Architecture

    Romanesque and Gothic architecture, for me, is a very interesting topic as one style evolved from the other. Romanesque architecture is believed to have developed between the 6th and 10th century, while Gothic architecture arose in the 12th century. Romanesque architecture is an architectural style of Medieval Europe, although in England, it is more often referred to as Norman architecture. It was the first style of architecture which stood out since the Roman Empire. Many of the Romanesque…

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  • St Pauls Cathedral Analysis

    Metropolis image of Melbourne to the world while Melbourne were completing with Sydney. A cathedral is one of the key elements in the Christian Society5. So, it can be classificated at a political reason of building the cathedral. Secondly, The St. Paul’s Cathedral was in purposed to replace the other cathedral that is Charles Webb’s St Paul’s Cathedra so to fulfil the religion need. Therefore, In Victoria, St Paul ‘s Cathedral becomes the core of the Church of England. Thirdly, The cathedral…

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