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  • Analysis: The Dead Kennedy

    The Dead Kennedys were one of the United States’s most influential hardcore punk bands, and were composed of Jello Biafra (Eric Reed Boucher) on vocals, East Bay Ray (Raymond Pepperell) on guitar, Klaus Flouride (Geoffrey Lyall) on bass, Ted (Bruce Slesinge) on drums, and finally 6025 (Carlos Cadona) on rhythm guitar. Not only were they influential in their style, but they caused stirs by the extreme and controversial nature of their political statements. The band formed in San Francisco in 1978; the city was a breeding ground for provocative art at the time as it was a hub for hippies, radicals, outcasts, and the drugs they brought with them. The myriad of cultures mixed together allowed for a general openness and lead to the rise of the…

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  • Suicide By Stephanie Guttenplan Analysis

    She told me at age seven it was her mother’s mother who left this world. At age eleven, it was her grandmother and best friend who passed in her arms. When she was twelve, her grandfather died and her mother broke. At fourteen, she gave up and said “fuck it.” “I thought, and still sometimes think, that death follows me around,” explained Stephanie Rachel Guttenplan. Guttenplan is a surrealist photographer, based out of New York, who continues to experiment with different uses of a variety of…

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  • Themes In Things Fall Apart

    Treatment of the Tribe Okonkwo’s gun exploded and killed a boy during a funeral, he was banished to his motherland for seven years as punishment, after the accidental death of a 16-year-old boy. It was at this time that the missionaries’ movement set in amongst the villagers of Umuofia. Since Okonkwo was not in his village of Umuofia, he was not able to do anything to stop or persuade the villager from participating. Okonkwo’s own son Nwoye became a missionary, after hearing a song that…

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  • Dramatic Irony In Jacob's Chicken

    The portrayal of irony is shown in two literary texts, a short story titled “Jacob's Chicken," by Milos Macourek and a poem titled “Porphyria’s Lover," by Robert Browning. Irony is an expression that is used to insinuate sarcasm; it typically signifies the opposite of what is said. In other words, irony is seen as appearance versus reality. The short story “Jacob’s Chicken” is about a passionate child who draws a unique chicken that others do not initially appreciate due to its unusual…

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  • Themes In The Half Of The Yellow Sun By Adichie

    Madison DuBois Dr.Sim World Civilizations 0ctober 18th, 2016 The Half of The Yellow Sun was written by Chimanmanda Adichie. The book was based in Nigeria, the author of the book was born there. This book gives the illustration of the Biafra War. It tells the story of two sisters, Olanna and Kainene during the war. There are many themes that are shown within the relationships of multiple people. The readers read through many sufferings, losses, and horrible struggles in the novel. This…

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