Case Study Of All City Corporation

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Dear Mr. Lensherr,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the CEO of All City Corporation. Founded in 1975, All City Corporation is one of the leading architecture firms in the New York market with over 75 million dollars in annual revenue. Located in the Rockefeller center, our two hundred employee team strives to reflect technology in all of our designs. Today, in a volatile world, we emphasize the importance of providing sustainable and healthy energy to all employees and residents residing at our offices located around the New York region. Promoting a no-waste policy garners positive incentives for decreasing electricity prices, while also increasing productivity around the office. Mr. Lensherr, our firm’s philosophy
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To better provide the client with our plan layout, we would like to explain the project scope from the beginning. First and foremost, we have the pre-design phase in which the owner and management team works out the budget and brainstorms what kind of building he/she wishes to create. This could range from a commercial to an industrial building depending on the location of the project. This is also the phase in which we work out the zoning regulations and zoning constraints of the construction. Secondly, we have the design phases that include three imperative stages: schematic, design development and construction documents. The first stage, the schematic stage, is where the Management team utilizes BMI to assist the owner in visualizing the project scope. The design and development stage is where our architects begin to incorporate real dimensions for the structure, loads, and beams. Lastly, the construction document phase sets forth the details required on the drawing. At this phase, there are no details and information left out from the drawings. We then proceed into the pre-construction phase in which the management construction team thinks about the time frame for the project. They also try to resolve issues that may occur with the building during construction. More importantly, during the construction phase, some drawings may have to change. The contractor may have to provide a shop drawing which may include windows, trusses and structural steel. These shop drawings are usually created by the manufacture. Not only are drawings made in the construction phase, but extensive inspections and certifications are required. For example, a certification of occupancy is required for anyone who wishes to move into a newly constructed building. Lastly, we have the post-construction phase in which an architect and his consultants conduct a final inspection—this

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