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  • BIM Based Technology In The Construction Industry

    INTRODUCTION Existing inefficient building stock contributes high volume of energy consumption, and 85% of the predicted building stock in the year 2050 is already built [36]. Many governments and relevant communities make a lot of effort on the decarbonising in the construction industry, and BIM is at the center of controversy. BIM based technology to enhance the energy performance have improved in short period intensively over the last decade [39][43], mainly been used in the early stage of design and construction phase [3]. Efficient ways for contributing retrofit and refurbishment project still lies behind in practical implementation [39], where has great potential for the buildings to be extension their life or to return to 2nd Gradle stage. In the first place, it is crucial to estimate the value of ‘Not BIM-adapted’ buildings to make up for weak points and possibility, not only for economically but also for environmentally. To do this, the most important thing to consider is how much relevant information can be collected and how accurate have the BIM data for analysis for effective decision making of retrofit options. Therefore, it is necessary to unify the separated the BIM related data from all stakeholders for the BIM model to reflect existing building conditions and different throughout each phase. At present, however, the construction industry is going through a period of transition from CAD to BIM, and each company utilises the own system under mixed conditions.…

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  • The Concepts Of Country Image And Consumer Behavior

    Country image is one of many extrinsic signals (e.g., brand reputation, price, etc.) that may contribute to an overall image of a product (Eroglu and Machleit, 1989). The country image is created by such variables as representative products, political and cultural environments, socio-economic development (Wang and Lamb, 1983), history, economic and political background, national characteristics, and traditions (Nagashima, 1970). Most past research has either illustrated or assumed image of…

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  • What Are The Major Dimensions Of Information System Quality?

    The first research question was explored through the literature review and consideration of the needs of the WCC as an example of an organization requiring an asset management information system. When attempting to update their model (Delone & McLean, 2004) there were three major dimensions of information system quality. These included service, system, and information quality. Each of these measures of quality needs to be investigated, controlled, and measured (Petter, DeLone & McLean, 2013).…

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  • The Art Of Art In Kapok Tree By Alexis Rockman

    technique Rockman uses of separating the parts of the painting through color provide another dimension to the piece. The bright colors along with the dim, dark shades display the animals and leaves in a third dimension. The different dimensions show that there are two separate worlds between the ground and the sky. Using two distinct color groups between the ground and sky to separate them from each other is one of the main purposes of using multiple colors. The colors in the painting tell the…

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  • 6 Dimensions Of Health Analysis

    In the beginning of the year I noticed that I didn’t work out fully and that I needed to work out more fully to maintain my optimal physical health. I learned about the 6 dimensions of health in my HEA 110 course and decided to begin changing my health habits. Throughout the year I have begun to work out not only my upper body which is what I focused on the most but also work more on cardio because my heart is an important muscle in my body. This is how I have applied the 6 dimensions of health…

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  • Community Detection Essay

    Abstract. Multidimensionality in social networks is a great issue that came out into view as a result of that most social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube allow people to interact with each other through different social activities. The community detection in such mul- tidimensional social networks has attracted a lot of attention in the resent years. When dealing with these networks the concept of community de- tection changes to be, the discovery of the…

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  • Theories Of Organizational Change

    prevalent type of initial response, can be analyzed as cross-dimension ambivalence in employees’ responses to change. In the majority of work on resistance to change, researchers have borrowed a view from physics to metaphorically define resistance as a restraining force moving in the direction of maintaining the status quo” (cf. Lewin, 1952). Waston (1982) showed that when employees show resistance it makes the managers believe that they are being disobedient and are going against them because…

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  • Multi-Dimensional Poetry

    was what they signified that was most striking. The significations that this poem presents are crucial in the building of its “third dimension”. For example, the lines, “a thing that is like a branch” (Atwood 8) and, “what ought to be a gentle / slope. . .” (Atwood 11-12) link together in the reader’s mind to form a subtext of doubt while simultaneously creating definitive imagery of the photograph. Through this layered contradiction, Atwood provides the foundation for the relationship between…

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  • Flynn And Warwick Summary

    manifested in different areas instead of in a single one: Warwick presents and explains the idea of different dimensions of intelligence and Flynn builds upon a specific catalyst of the variance in intelligence. Although both authors reach the same conclusion that intelligence can take different forms, they approach the topic with different reasonings and support. Warwick explains the multidimensionality of intelligence from a scientific point of view while Flynn explains the differences in…

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  • Monochromatic Vs Polychromatic Essay

    3.3 A case about application of E. T. Hall 's dimensions and Hofstede 's dimensions This case is about an informal social gathering attended by business people from company P and a group of academics from university Q. The company and the academics are at the start of a project in which the company is going to manufacture a product based on research and a prototype developed by the university. Some of those attending the social event have not previously met each other. One of the academics, A,…

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