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  • Sauropod Neck Structure

    substantial load were deemed as important to the animal’s survival. One of the movements they primarily examined was torsion (being able to twist or bend, one end in relation to the other). This might occur when an animal decides to twist its neck or shake its head. This relies on their oblique muscles being able to act as a counterbalance to these movements. As is mentioned in the other discussed articles, they also believed that many of the tendons eventually ossified into the sauropod’s cervical ribs and concluded that these cervical ribs, at least in mamenchisaurids and brachiosaurs (both members of the sauropod family) were limited in their movement, due to the ribs being greater in length. However, the shorter length of these ribs in Diplodocus would have allowed greater range of motion and flexibility in the neck. As for the tails, they did not noticed any significant signs of torsion being applied, thus surmising that the tails remained in a lateral posture, contrasting to the neck, which would have remained (due to their comparisons and analyses) in an…

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  • Huckleberry-Personal Narrative

    sentences", we would tend to say, "on the end of sentences", or, "on the end of the sentence". So we don't just make plural by putting an 's' on the end of the word, we also add a 'the' in front of the singular. You are making me think with this, you will note that as you are learning English, you are looking into it technically and more precisely than you did when you were learning Spanish as a child, then you learned as you were going along, just listening to other people, now you're looking…

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