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  • Price Of Success

    The Price of Success Attending college was an inconceivable thought for me when I was ten years old. When I was growing up neither of my parents had a college degree and both worked exceptionally hard to make a living. I did not like school and was so glad I had eight years of school left, and I was done forever; however, my mom and dad quit their jobs to live with my grandpa while my mom acquired her nursing degree. I was both excited to be moving, but I did not understand why anyone would take the time and money to do what I hated every day, so I asked my dad, and he said “this degree has a price, but when she finishes this degree we will be better off.” While there are similarities between high school graduates and college graduates those…

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  • Emily Hanford's Article: The Value Of A College Lesson

    receiving college diplomas as well as the increasing wage gap between workers with a degree versus workers without…

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  • College Still Matters

    Although there is a job for everyone out there a business will always pick someone with relevant and better skills for a specific job. Although in today’s information age anyone is capable of learning the skills necessary for a job, however, the employer will take a bachelor’s degree over someone’s word. In the article “3 Reason College Still Matters” by Andrew Delbanco explains a few reasons why college still important, one of them being the value of a bachelor’s degree as he said, “Its’ clear…

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  • Participant Four: A Case Study

    his job still requires quite a bit of his time. Ross Participant Eight is a 39-year-old Caucasian welder. He is the father of one child. He has 1-1/2 years of college experience. Ross felt that finances were the biggest issue when it came to attending college. He felt that college was “too expensive.” (R. Christian, personal communication, February 29, 2016). He stated that he had to care for his child, and that was his priority. Ross desires to return to college to become an…

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  • Personal Essay: The Importance Of Receiving A University Degree

    to accomplish all over my long term goals. A degree is the first intermediate length goal I will have to accomplish in order to accomplish more of my long term life goals. A degree will help me gain financial stability for myself and my future family. A degree will also allow me to pursue a professional career of my choosing. A university degree also means being professionally reliable and qualified. A university degree will help me increase my professional profile and help me move up a future…

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  • Explain Why College Is Necessary Essay

    College does not just prepare you for jobs, but more importantly for real life with a successful future. (Hrabowski 260). Most just jump to the conclusion that they can not go to college because of the prices and just give up, that is where financial aid packages come to play because when there’s a will, there’s a way. What these kind of people do not realize is that “college graduates are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher…

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  • My Religious Beliefs

    I come from Houston TX and I carry a Middle Eastern background with a mixture of both modern and traditional family value. Through having both modern and traditional views in life I feel I am able to conceive, a wider array of religious points of view and apply them to my life accordingly. With my religious outlook towards life, I have come to learn that I have much strength but none stronger than holding to my faith and believing in those that I love or myself. Along with my strengths, I have…

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  • The Main Purpose Of Going To College Or University Essay

    with a high school degree but if you are looking for a better pay job which offers privileges such as 401k, Health Insurance, Dental and life insurance than you require to have relevant academic background since most of these high-income jobs required relevant bachelor or master degrees. My friend was working as Administrative Assistant with the United Nations, where his annual net salary was around 31,000 USD but since he got his bachelor degree in Economic, his company upgraded him to Senior…

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  • Disadvantages Of Going To College

    The difference of making money with a degree compared to the pay without a degree is a drastic difference. As it states in “College Graduates Earn 84% more than high school grads, study says” by Tiffany Hsu, “On average, a doctoral degree-holder will earn $3.3 million over a lifetime, compared to $2.3 million for a college graduate and $1.3 million for those with a high school diploma.” What this quote is saying is that just graduating college will make you over a million more dollars in your…

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  • Analysis Of Learning By Degrees By Rebecca Mead

    Educational achievement has been statistically proven to increase earnings. Mead provides substantial proof in favor of a college education. She points out that students majoring in economics have a decent starting pay around $50,000 per year and could get to over $100,000 before they retire; those majoring in philosophy have a good beginning salary of about $40,000 (Mead). Mead’s claim makes it evident that educational attainment is positively related to the level of earnings. According to the…

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