Importance Of Education In College Life

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College: Is it really necessary? Most are raised with the mindset that college the next step of the checklist of your life. You are supposed to graduate high school, go to and graduate college, get a successful job because that is what college is for, and create a family. How dare you think that you can go out of this order, or even skip a step of this process. Schooling and higher education is not everyone’s cup of tea, some just do not perform well in these situations, that does not mean that they are living life wrong if they do not attend. Personally, I do not have a set way of living life, if you do not go to college, go ahead that is on you, it is definitely harder to further your career in most ways without a college degree, but go …show more content…
Waitresses may not make the best money wage wise, but if you’re a good enough one you can bring home the dough. Rose started to comprehend how much his mother 's kind of work “demands both body and brain” (274).
For these blue-collar jobs you do not need to attend a four year university and earn a degree to go into these fields, which is living the dream to some people. “To acknowledge a broader range of intellectual capacity is to take seriously the concept of cognitive variability, to appreciate in all the Rosies and Joes…” (Rose 283). Rose tells us that basically we should not shame these non-college goers, but should really applaud them for still making a successful
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College does not just prepare you for jobs, but more importantly for real life with a successful future. (Hrabowski 260). Most just jump to the conclusion that they can not go to college because of the prices and just give up, that is where financial aid packages come to play because when there’s a will, there’s a way. What these kind of people do not realize is that “college graduates are much more likely to be employed than those with only a high school diploma and earn substantially higher salaries” (Hrabowski 260). Owen and Sawhill also mention the gap between high school diploma holders and Bachelor Degree holders, with that gap earning being a $15,000 difference (210). That $15,000 is a big jump from you being considered middle class, or upper class, same goes from being lower class to middle

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