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  • Sphere Luttetia Soto Analysis

    la sculpture” in Paris and Miami Art Basel in 1996. And it was recently displayed in the Perrotin Gallery in Paris, France. This installation is made of painted cods in three colors – white, red and black. The whole sphere is in large size with a dimension of 600 x 600 x 600 cm. The large triple colored sphere is suspended to a square canopy and could be displayed either indoors or outdoors. Soto picked metal as…

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  • Multidimensional Analysis Of Dicky's Behavior In The Film The Fighter

    which are the person, environment, and time dimensions. Within each of the basic elements exists multiple dimensions, such as physical environment, biological, event time, and communities (Hutchsion, p. 10, 2012). The multidimensional approach can be used to analyze an individual in a movie by how certain factors can affect a person’s behavior. For this assignment, Dicky from the film The Fighter, will be analyzed on how the person and environment dimension impacts his behavior. Cognition and…

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  • Irrational Tectonic Definition

    Irrational Tectonic is mutated from rational Tectonic. Perhaps, over rational will turn to irrational when tectonic losing the connection of historical context or logic of craftsmanship. The signs on Hong Kong street were a rational advertisement behavior. However, people starting to add their desire by expansion signs irrationally, not only visually expand, but also tectonically extend. Of course, the program also exposing from inside to outside by those signs symbolically. The signs stacked on…

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  • Linear Perspective In Italian Renaissance

    Linear Perspective was first introduced to the art world in the Italian Renaissance. Khan Academy perfectly defined linear perspective as “what renaissance artists had clearly achieved through the careful observation of nature, including studies of anatomical dissections, was the means to recreate the 3-dimensional physical reality of the human form on two-dimensional surfaces”. Linear perspective first started with the human body and then shortly after was used to represent space in paintings…

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  • Group Dynamics Research Paper

    refers to the processes of socialization, culture, and ideology to perpetuate exclusion and inequality by defining what is normal, acceptable, and safe. As human beings we all use every dimension of power whether we realize it or not. During our group exercises, I unconsciously practiced all three of the dimensions of power. For example, I had visible power when I explained to my group what the teacher instructed us to when we were asked to create a poster. The group was confused so I made it…

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  • Adams And Eves Of The 21st Century Analysis

    All humans, the Adams and Eves of the 21st century, also have a common purpose—it is to remain conscious. This means filling one’s heart with love and fostering a present mind, at all times. Your primary purpose as an Adam or Eve is to remain conscious and mindful in your life. This is what Buddha taught. God made mindfulness a human being’s primary purpose because he wants us to return to our true home which is the paradise of 5th dimensional earth—the true heaven. To accomplish this, we must…

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  • Analysis Of Hofstede's Six Dimensions Of Business Culture

    reactions. Hofstede defines six dimensions of culture in order to compare countries and societies on a collective scale. I will use these six dimensions to show the differences of business culture between the United States of America and China but first it is necessary to define these six dimensions and show how they each affect cultural traits. The Six Dimensions of Culture Hofstede initially defined four different dimensions of culture…

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  • The Schema Above: Sale Business Process Of Healthy Food

    quantity-on-hand inventory levels by products. In order to meet this requirement, I designed the dimensional model by using the periodic snapshot approach so the company could see the quantity-on-hand of each product at the end of the day. This design has two dimension tables and one fact table: DimDate, DimProducts, and InventoryFact. There is no need to have the DimStores in the schema because the company has only one store at this moment. Second, the company also would like to analyze the…

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  • Summary Of Act 1 Scene 1 Of You Don T Know Me

    Gruwell tries to use First Dimension of multicultural education. The first dimension is “content integration” (Banks, 1998, p. 1). An example of content integration is integration of all subjects into one. Mrs. Gruwell tries to integrate history into language arts. She tried to connect the history of the Holocaust…

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  • The Importance Of Attending The University Of Chicago

    realized there was some truth behind it. He explained that time is a dimension similar to the three spatial dimensions. Theoretically, similar to how one is free to move anywhere in the three spatial dimensions, one could move back and forth in the time dimension. This is how McConaughey was able to move freely in time when in the higher-dimensional world. But in the world we live in, humans cannot move around in the time dimension; we are always stuck in the…

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