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  • Judith And Her Maidservant With The Head Of Holofernes Analysis

    2 Dimensional Art The two dimensional art that I observed is called Judith and Her Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes, created between 1623-25. The artist of this painting is Artemisia Gentileschi. This was a large painting that covered over half of the wall. This painting was created by using oil paint. Artists used oil paintings because it dries slowly, the colors are able to blend together, and lastly oil paintings allows the painting to be larger then what it normally would be. The…

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  • Metropolis Film Analysis

    The general premise of the film Metropolis relies on the duality and segregation that causes tension within the film. The duality of the films animation style can suggest a metaphorical description of the separated society. This brewing tension within the story stems from reactionary circumstances due to causations of tyrannical government, militant and radical forces within the segregated city of Metropolis. Although there is an obvious wealth and power imbalance that separates the city from…

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  • Jackson Pollock Cathedral Analysis

    Stylist Analysis Jackson Pollock the world renowned drip painter is often one of the artists that almost everyone knows on the spot. Cathedral, 1947 is a painting held in the Dallas Museum of Art and was created using enamel and aluminum paint on canvas. Measuring at a 71 1/2 x 35 1/16 inches, this is no small painting. Cathedral, is comprised of organic shapes rather than geometric. The entirety of the work is the product of paint dripping off of a paintbrush. This controlled chaos is…

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  • Marketization Of Care

    The Marketization of Care for Older People Introduction This chapter aims to illustrate the theoretical framework of ‘mixed economy of care’ and ‘marketization of care’ as well as to explore the distinct model of care for older people in urban China. In the first section, it applies the approach corresponds to the ‘mixed economy of care’ (Knapp et al., 2001, Lewis, 1995, Glendinning, 2012, Powell, 2007) and ‘care diamond’ (Ochiai, 2009, Razavi, 2007) in the field of ‘social care’ (Daly and…

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  • Allegory In Flatland

    discovered a new dimension through his visions, and was eager to share this with other places he visits. These visions definitely do not prepare the Square enough for the visit from a sphere from the land of three dimensions. At first he rejects the sphere, and actually tries to attack him for invading his world and attempting to change his views by teaching him about the third dimension. Finally, the Sphere pulls the Square from his plane and allows him to see the world in three dimensions.…

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  • Dai Jin's 'Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma'

    The Path To Enlightenment There are several legends that depict different scenes for the famed Bodhidharma and Huike. One of those is the story of Huike cutting off his arm. The paintings from Dai Jin and Sesshu ultimately show this story, with Sesshu’s painting similarly named “Huike Offering His Arm To Bodhidharma.” The story is fairly simple; Huike wanted to become truly enlightened and went on a journey to find someone to enlighten and teach him, Bodhidharma. Initially, Huike waited in the…

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  • Concepts Of Map Scale

    Question 2: Map scale is the ratio of the straight line distance between any two points on a map to the straight line distance between the same two points on the earth’s surface. Now when looking at map scale there a few concepts for instance, ratio (representational fraction) scale is a concept of map scale. Ratio scale is always neutral in the scale measurement used on the map. So when looking at a map scale of 1:50 000 it means that 1 unit of measurement on the map is equal to 50 000 of the…

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  • Perception In Psychopathology

    independently. Therefore, the researchers decided that a 2-dimensional model of mind perception was an effective way to compare and contrast the effect of these disorders on the perception of others. This 2-D model measured perception on two different dimensions: experience (the capability of experiencing fear, hunger, etc.) and agency (the ability for self-control, planning, memory). Using this model, subjects…

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  • Sensory Analysis

    In most of the time we are not even aware of the modalities of the information, rather all we are conscious of is the information itself. Having more senses provides more accuracy in different dimensions of an event such as time and space. For example, one sense is less accurate about carrying time dimension of an event, while other is less accurate about estimating the location. Altogether multiple channels provide better accuracy of perception. It was long time ago that multi-sensory stimuli…

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  • Art Analysis: The Descent Of Christ Into Limbo

    A painting by an unknown artist is called The Descent of Christ into Limbo and was made in Peru during the mid-seventeenth century. This painting illustrates Jesus going into Limbo to free all of those who died before him. The artist demonstrates his ability to create three-dimensional figures to develop the feeling of looking out of a window. The artist also uses overlapping and shadowing to create different realistic and complex stories and scenes of Jesus. The second painting is by an…

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