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  • Flatland Summary

    I read the novella “Flatland” by Edwin Abbot. It tells a story of a land that is completely two dimensional. There is two parts to this novella. The first part is all about the world Flatland, and the different characteristics of this world. The second part of the book is about A Square (the narrator of the novella) traveling to three other worlds that he has never imagined before. There are some main characteristics you have to know to be able to understand flatland. If you set a penny on a table and look down upon it, it looks like a circle. If you look at the penny from eye level it will look like a curved line. Circles in flatland appear this way. All of the people are recognized by a threefold, because everyone appears to be a straight…

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  • The Schema Above: Sale Business Process Of Healthy Food

    The schema above is the dimensional model for sale business process of Healthy Food Company. This company sales several types of healthy food on the internet. The company has two business requirements. First, the company would like to analyze daily quantity-on-hand inventory levels by products. In order to meet this requirement, I designed the dimensional model by using the periodic snapshot approach so the company could see the quantity-on-hand of each product at the end of the day. This…

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  • Essay On Flatland

    Flatland is a 2-D world where shapes wander around as people and do things regular people would do. Like our world today, there is a class system in this 2-D world that is basically a social status. The lowest status in all of Flatland is the irregular shapes. An irregular shape can have any number of sides but the sides are not equal. These types of shapes are either sentenced to a life in jail, or are executed. These types of figures are shunned by society and often are considered a disgrace.…

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  • Three Dimensions In Flatland

    The problem in the story is that he, the square, comes into contact with a third dimension. While he goes about learning all that he can about the third dimension, we see examples of how we can now imagine a higher dimension. In ”Flatland” the square is talking to a sphere, but in the beginning he can't see the sphere because he is below the sphere in his own two dimensional world. For the square to see the sphere it would have to be on the same plane that the square resides in. When the sphere…

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  • Social Issues In Flatland

    Flatland In Flatland when you are born, if you are a male, your shape decides your class. Isosceles triangles are the lowest class, then equilateral triangles, then squares and on and on always increasing in one side. So whatever class you’re born into that’s it, you cannot move into a higher class. Your class decides what jobs you preform and the education you receive. This is comparable to our culture because if you are born in to the lower class it is very hard to make it to the upper class.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Flatland

    Flatland a romance of many dimensions is an 1884 novella by Edwin Abbott. Has been a widely known book in the world of sciences and math lovers. Due to the fact the book is taking place in a two dimension world. The book was so popular that in 2007 the book got a movie directed by Dano Johnson and Jeffrey Travis. The movie flatlands was a very interesting piece to watch but it was very different compared to the book. In this essay I will show you how the book and the movie of flatland share…

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  • Theme Of Gender In Flatland

    Flatland, written by Edwin Abbott, is a novella written in 1884, which delves into the discrepancies in the treatment of gender in the Victorian era of England through the use of satire. Abbott creates a world of two-dimensions where the inhabitants are shapes, and social standing is based solely around the number of angles each shape has. This piece of text parodies the social positions of both women and men in Victorian England through the exaggerated treatment of each in Abbott’s novella,…

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  • Alice In Flatland Analysis

    However, after looking through the surface, one can find education as a common theme. In Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Hank has strong beliefs towards education. As Hank steps higher in the monarchy, he immediately implements education throughout the society. In Flatland, education also plays significance in the society. The population believes education is a means of transforming the children to their adult positions in class. This education is also used to discriminate between…

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  • Gender Roles In Flatland And The Yellow Wallpaper

    While Abbott’s, “Flatland” and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s, “The Yellow Wallpaper” both illustrate critiques towards gender roles, such as women being treated unfairly, and man’s role being superior to women, these authors reveal numerous approaches and techniques toward the narratives’ critiques. Due to the methods and techniques to critique gender roles throughout these two texts, it supports the authors main theme of a typical gender role during the Victorian period. Additionally, Rosemary…

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  • Examples Of Social Issues In Flatland

    Flatland Essay The novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions was written in 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott. Even though Flatland was written during the Victorian ages the novel is still very relatable to today’s times. Throughout the novel many social issues concerning Victorian England are brought up including women and social classes. I think that a lot of the social issues concerning England back in the late 1800s are still very much alive in the present day world, and that is why Flatland is…

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