Concepts Of Map Scale

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Question 2:

Map scale is the ratio of the straight line distance between any two points on a map to the straight line distance between the same two points on the earth’s surface. Now when looking at map scale there a few concepts for instance, ratio (representational fraction) scale is a concept of map scale. Ratio scale is always neutral in the scale measurement used on the map. So when looking at a map scale of 1:50 000 it means that 1 unit of measurement on the map is equal to 50 000 of the same units of measurement in real life. Another concept of map scale is word scale; where the distance on a map from point of departure to point of finish is described in words. Therefore we will speak of a kilometer per centimeter scale, referring
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Therefore a map scale of 1:50 000 will be a small scale map as it will cover a large area but in less detail, example it will be harder to identify the terrain features of map. Where a large scale map will have a map scale of 1:20 000 which covers a smaller area but in great detail, therefore on the same map as the small scale one could ‘zoom’ in on an area and then detect the terrain features identifying hiking trails etc. therefore the larger the denominator of the representational fraction scale the smaller the map scale that is being used to represent …show more content…
As this will be able to give the viewer of the map an overview of where majority of the traffic flow takes place and which roads. This symbol differs from the line symbol used in the above answer due to the line symbol represents the roads and the area symbol will represent the amount of traffic flow on the roads. As well as the data measurement scale used is interval/ratio scale, due to this indicates the differences in the same data.

Question 6:

The map that would be created to indicate the locations of schools in the Eastern Cape Province is the topographical map. The map symbol on the map that represent the school will be a point symbol with an ‘S’ attached to the point symbol. Topographical map has been chosen with a scale of 1:50 000 as it is an accurate and detailed representation of features (human made and natural features).

When displaying the teacher and student ratio in each school I would use a different map this being a thematic map. Due the scale of investigation only dealing with one topic on the specific set of data (teacher and student ratio) as this has influenced the choice of map.

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