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  • Aeneas As A Selfless And Geat Warrior

    Nothing is better than to read a story of great battles between two opposing forces, especially if there are from ancient Greece. Great Aeneas was such a selfless and geat warrior compared to Hector of the Trojans who fought to be a loyal defender of his city. This will show how Aeneas is shown to be similar but better then Hector in the way that Virgil made him a mirror image of Hector from the Iliad. Aeneas is a democratic and selfless leader to his people. He demonstrates this when he finally lands in Italy. He is very disciplined in his self-control as a leader. He is not downhearted, but even though he knows times are hard, he is able to put a strong face and push their hopes: “Friends and companions have we not known hard hours before this? My men who have endured still greater dangers, god will grant us an end to these as well....Now call back your courage and have done with fear and sorrow some day perhaps remembering even this will be a pleasure"( Aeneid, 1. 284-286). He tries to make them feel better that even though they have gone through many difficult, they can deal with whatever is thrown at them. Then after Polydorus (the son of Priam) talks to him and tells him not to stay on those grounds but find a different place, he has a selfless reaction. Aeneas gives him a funeral.(Aeneid, 3. 82-84).Aeneas gives him the proper burial and a proper funeral to him because he knows it is right for the tradition of his homeland.he is not able to just leave the…

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  • Lance Armstrong Research Paper

    The famous legend of the Trojan Horse is timeless, with almost everyone knowing at least the premise of it; a war fought between the Greeks and the Trojans was ended by a false gift of a giant horse statue on wheels, resulting in a victory for the Greeks. Fast forward to 1999 when cyclist Lance Armstrong began his career, not only in cycling but also in drugs. The illegal drugs, PEDs, were used to give Armstrong an edge in his cycling career, despite getting caught in 2012. Some may wonder where…

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  • Diomedes: Shriyuu Clan

    Diomedes was born into the Shriyuu clan, one of the great clans of Kasai; which governs the Murasaki province (which occupies the north-eastern section of the country). The Murasaki province is known to create great warriors, as well as their great strategies of war and government. This is shown as Lord Akio Shiryuu (the lord of Murasaki, and head of Shriyuu clan) is the general of Kasi. Diomedes was born in to the clan with many responsibilities as he was the first born; he was born with brown…

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  • Greek Excellence In The Iliad

    The Iliad by Homer, Diomedes, a Greek soldier in the Argive forces, demonstrates acts of Greek excellence throughout the fight between the Greeks and the Trojans. As the Greeks fight, a great void of leadership and virtue appears because of the lack of these qualities from Agamemnon, the current leader of the Greeks. Because of Agamemnon's lack of leadership, it causes problems when making decisions and struggles with the Trojan army, making it possible for Diomedes to fill the gap because of…

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  • Pride Comes Before A Fall In Homer's The Iliad

    downfall and defeat. In The Iliad, Diomedes provides a perfect example of Hubris.…

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  • The God Of War: The Greek God Of War

    (Nelson p.16) Nelson concludes Terus a son of Ares was known to have inherited his father’s abhorrent qualities. Ares was the biological father of at least three of Hercules’ enemies Cycnus, Lycaon, and Diomedes. Ares also had two sisters Eris Goddess of Discord and Hebe Goddess of Youth. He conceived more mortal children than divine children (page 18). Nelson. Ken. Greek Mythology. Ares Oct 2017.Carter explains that “Ares fought the Greek hero Heracles twice and lost both times”. During the…

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  • What Is Aphrodite's Reaction To The Aeneid

    Ares was propped atop the cities highest wall observing the battlefield below, eyes never fixated, constantly darting from man to man. Beside the hulking god sat a smaller, watching the crimson horizon. “You’ll take no more of his sons Ares; these people in the city worship me. Play your savage games away from the city.” “Will you fight today Apollo? Or will you sit and mellow in your cowardly haze of disease and tricks?” Ares stood, the war Gods red eyes burning into Apollo. “I will fight,…

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  • Summary And Personal Response: Achilles And Agamemnon '

    participating in the battle. He went to Mount Ida, where he watched the battle. He turned the battle in favour of the Trojans, and the Achaeans were pushed back to their fortifications. The Achaeans had lost all hope and were trying to escape when, hearing Agamemnon’s prayer, Zeus pitied them and sent them a sign to fight back. They fought back with tremendous victory, until their best archer, Teucer, was taken down by Hector. With the archer down, the Trojans once again had the upper hand. When…

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  • The Iliad Sparknotes

    down to the battlefield, dressed as a Trojan soldier, to convince the archer Pandarus to fire an arrow at Menelaus. Pandarus hits Menelaus in the nether regions, rekindling the war to the dishonor of the Trojans. The great Greek warriors Odysseus and Ajax kill many Trojans. Athena fights on the side of the Greeks, while Apollo sides with the Trojans. Pandaraus wounds the strong soldier Diomedes, with an arrow. Athena then awards Diomedes with superhuman strength, on the condition that he only…

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  • The Importance Of Xenia In Homer's The Aeneid

    instead receive hospitium. In Homer’s world, a guest is to have all of their material needs met, especially that of sustenance, before any query is made. Yet here, Dido does not offer Ilioneus and his men a single scrap of food before they are barraged with questions. Not only did Dido demand information, but it appears that had the Trojans not obliged, the hail of questions would have rapidly become one of spears. This assumption that a guest is an enemy until proven otherwise is the antithesis…

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