Irrational Tectonic Definition

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Irrational Tectonic is mutated from rational Tectonic. Perhaps, over rational will turn to irrational when tectonic losing the connection of historical context or logic of craftsmanship. The signs on Hong Kong street were a rational advertisement behavior. However, people starting to add their desire by expansion signs irrationally, not only visually expand, but also tectonically extend. Of course, the program also exposing from inside to outside by those signs symbolically. The signs stacked on the one another through the arbitrary position of the hinges, eventually, the signs span over the street insanely. Like architects present their concept (or say their desire of design,) people eager their business success by their sign…

Rational tectonic is based on the logic of culture and technology, which means craftsmanship inherits the predecessors form or skill and combine with their contemporary technology to build the architecture. Kenneth Frampton brings this idea of rational tectonic in his book, Studies in Tectonic Culture. For now, most architecture almost unify by the same tectonic to achieve high efficiency of construction or the value of space. However, Irrational Tectonic is the different way for some
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People suppose have memory to connect the space, but Irrational Tectonic enhances or accelerate the human memory of the space. Wang Shu’s Ningbo Museum construct by the tiles which come from the local’s ruin. Craftsmen stacked the different tiles randomly…he used the giant concrete beam to suspend the tiles dispersing from the wall… no specific calculation of the position of the tiles and the beams, everything is depending on the temporary site construction. This Irrational Tectonic makes every space’s surface is different, and enhance the human memory of the space much easier, not only for local resident and tourist but also

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