Unfamiliar Nature

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Unfamiliar Nature
David Ruy's practice explores the contemporary design problems at the intersection of architecture, nature, and technology. In this essay ‘Returning to (Strange) Object,’ Ruy talks about his position towards nature as an architect. The essay advocates for the diminishing role of the architect and also that the architects desire to establish its roots outside its scope is leading to irreversible self-inflicting damage to its authority. To do so, the author first presents our current notion of the nature as the ultimate milieu. For the architect, nature has always been an inspiration and also a force that challenges its limitation. It draws from it its orders and sensibilities and studies its patterns trying to mimic the complexities
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This essay offers reasons for pause in this move towards relationism in order to reconsider the architectural object itself and why it may be irreducible to relations alone. Timothy Morton's analogy of "Ecology without nature " resonates with the author's idea of "Architecture without nature." This gives us an opportunity to displace nature from its high pedestal and actually pay attention to what steps are necessary to maintain prolonged conditions favorable for human survival. By disassociating the nature from its formed image, the author successfully establishes that ‘nature itself is a super-container of objects that currently comprises within it, based on its interpretation under the terms of Object-Oriented Ontology, as a 'made-up unity. This new understanding helps us better understand the strangeness of the relationship of a creator (architect/designer) and nature. It creates a healthy environment for the growth of new dialogue between architecture and nature. This phase also questions the role of the architect in this new ontology. Here the architect is also brought down from its high stature of the creator to an equal contributor, thereby creating renewed interest in the interactions of these objects. It is still ambiguous about how these interactions, create something more than the empirical summation of the …show more content…
"Architecture is the first thing that tells us what reality looks like", said David Ruy at the Innsbruck University,2009. The only way to find access to the strange qualities and relations embedded within Architecture as an object is to challenge the notions of what is real and what is unreal. Ruy's own practice created a prototype of a 3D Bioprinter that prints live tissue cultures. This plays directly into the question that what else constitutes architectures ambit. Using cells as a building block to generate tissues that have their own peculiarities and form. His work and method can be seen as an attempt to break through the boundary of the real and accessing the other inaccessible relations to a certain level. Ruy's method of hinting the 'other realities' of architecture is by taking a familiar reality of man and with methods of estrangement, to create new forms of unfamiliar Architecture. He then goes on to present the apparatus as an equivalent(or more) important than the outcome(printed tissue).
As the key analysis of Ruy's essay and his work, I feel the idea of architecture being on an unfamiliar grounds now, should now break its previous understanding with man and nature and take a fresh start at dealing with the issues with new found understanding. Designers should not be bound to any sort of requirement s and be liberated as we

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