6 Dimensions Of Health Analysis

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In the beginning of the year I noticed that I didn’t work out fully and that I needed to work out more fully to maintain my optimal physical health. I learned about the 6 dimensions of health in my HEA 110 course and decided to begin changing my health habits. Throughout the year I have begun to work out not only my upper body which is what I focused on the most but also work more on cardio because my heart is an important muscle in my body. This is how I have applied the 6 dimensions of health to change my health habits.
In this paragraph I will state how I have applied the physical dimension of health to change my health habits. In the beginning of the year when we wrote our behavioral contract I wrote down that I wanted to work out more
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I have a pretty good self-image and high self-esteem, however I am not confident in certain aspects of my life such as academic performance. The reason I am not confident in this part of my emotional health is because I do not get very good grades in most of my subjects and I do not meet the goals that I have set for more self and that makes me less confident. However I am confident in aspects such as my ability to speak publicly, play sports, be a good friend, and also being able to handle pressure and stress extremely well. The reason I am so confident in theses aspects is because I have had a lot of practice in these areas and people have told me that I am good at these things. The aspects of my emotional help that I have trouble in is my ability to trust people. In my life I have always had a tough time being able to trust people and it has affected my relationships with people, but now I am able to truly trust a few people and have a general trust for almost everyone. The reason I am trusting people more is because I realize that I cannot get through my life without trusting people. The reason I had trouble trusting people is because I grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood in Detroit so my parents told me to always be on edge and to not trust many people, so the only people I trusted were my …show more content…
I consider myself to be a very spiritual and religious person. My religion is Roman Catholic which is the largest Christian Faith. Some things witchin my religion that help me to manage things in my life is prayer. I pray a lot to different people in my religion we have these people called saints who are recognized by the church and are given patronage over certain things. I also pray to Mary,she is the mother of Jesus Christ and unlike what most Protestant religions believe we do NOT worship mother Mary. We have a high respect and venerate her because she lived a holy life without sinning and gave birth to Jesus Christ who is also the son of God. Things within my religion that affect my relationships with people is certain beliefs that we have, for example we believe that gay marriage is wrong and so is abortion the reason we believe abortion is wrong is because it is a living being and getting an abortion is basically murder,and the reason gay marriage is wrong is because in the bible marriage is between a man and a women and in my religion the bible is held in very high

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