Physical Dimension Of Wellness

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In order to feel truly alive and receptive to life’s opportunities one must look thoroughly at their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Individual’s must discover their limitations and formulate those changes as necessary to allow for true vibration at the highest level while taking in all the pleasures in this life. Wellness means caring for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. If one feels capable mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, then it is easier to achieve optimal wellness. The stress of life managed simply by maintaining balance in life. These components are all connected and impact one another.
The spiritual component realizes our quest for worth and purpose in human existence. It embraces the growth of a profound gratitude for the depth and breadth of life and innate forces that are present in the universe. Our pursuit
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Physical growth supports learning about proper nutrition while discouraging the use of tobacco, drugs, and excessive alcohol use. Favorable wellness is achieved via the combination of adequate exercise and eating routines. As we navigate the wellness course, we endeavor to invest time building physical strength, flexibility, and stamina while additionally taking safety measures for a successful journey. The physical dimension of wellness involves individual accountability and attention to minor ailments while acknowledging when expert medical attention is necessary. By moving along the wellness path, we will be capable of monitoring and understanding our body’s warning signs. We will recognize and value the connection between sensible nutrition in relation to how the human body functions. The physical advantages of good appearance and feeling great generally control the psychological benefits of improved self-esteem, self-control, fortitude, and a sense of guidance. Physical wellness follows these

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