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  • Obelisk Monument Analysis

    : The Tello Obelisk Monument from Chavin de Huantar The Tello Obelisk is an Early Horizon monument in Chavin de Huantar filled with cultigen depictions featuring a pair of individual pairs flying in the shaman position while grasping particular sections of a rope with an artistic exhibition of early Andean iconography. The monument, a prismatic granite monolith, hails from the North Central part of Peru, an archaeological site known as Chavin de Huantar, featuring one of the most complex and unique stone carvings of American in its time-period. Chavin is located between the Cordillera Negra and Cordillera Blanca, on a pass to the high elevation valley that is situated along the Callejon de Huaylas (James 2-4). The Chavin de Huantar site thrived between 1000 and 500 B.C. but was occupied between 900 and 200 BC during the Early Horizon period for many centuries. Within the Andes of Peru is a temple complex host to the monument, comprising of plazas, terraces, monumental buildings, staircases, underground channels, and passages although it is best recognized for the Tello Obelisk Monument, an elaborately curved monolith. The construction of the U-shaped platform referred to as the Old Temple began in 850 B.C. at Chavin and it frames plaza whose length is 40m according to Radiocarbon measurements. The plaza is centered on the monument’s axis with “cut stone blocks” that feature “low relief carvings” lining a 21m diameter of a sunken circular court (James, 4). The tello…

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  • Great Valley Sequence

    Field Trip Report: Great Valley Sequence and Coast Range Ophiolite The Moreno Formation in the Great Valley Sequence (GVS) is consisting of interbedded sandstones and organic-rich black shales, which were deposited during Upper Cretaceous (74-80 Ma) in near shore and shallow marine environment according to the fossils found. The sandstone in this outcrop is medium-sorted, angular to sub-angular arkosic arenite, with minerals such as quartz, plagioclase, muscovite and altered biotite. 1/4 of the…

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  • Granite Formation

    Granite is an igneous rock formed when large amounts of magma lowly solidify deep in the earth. The granite layer is not a straight edged layer like most in Vicunia, this represents the way magma has crept up into the landmass as opposed to being deposited, creating a nonconformity between the next layer. The next identifiable layer that lies directly on top, and partially in the middle of the granite, is a contact metamorphic rock layer. Contact metamorphic rock masses are formed with the aid…

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  • Fordham Gneiss

    New York exists on bedrock that tells a tale of millions of years ago, going as far back as the late Mesoproterozoic (1.6 to 1 billion years ago). The layers that make up this bedrock show the conditions of the earth’s surface through many different orogenies, which are times of high grade metamorphism and where plate tectonics makes its biggest changes. The Fordham gneiss was formed a billion years ago (oldest) during the Grenville orogeny (Precambrian) which featured sediment deposits and…

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  • Blue Topaz Research Paper

    "The blue topaz has remained one of the most popular gemstones in the United States because of its vibrant blue color" (Branstrator). The blue topaz is the birthstone of those who were born in December. The blue topaz has also been a part of history, dating back to the Egyptians (Topaz History). The blue topaz is one of the most unique, fashionable, historical, and incredible gemstones on planet earth. The Blue topaz is found in the enormous crystals in pegmatite dikes (Topaz). Pegmatite dikes…

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  • The Benefits Of Granite Memorials

    centuries, most cemetery grave markers were carved from limestone, sandstone, or marble, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks that do not weather the elements well. Over time, the inscriptions become impossible to read and the surface of the stone becomes rough, even brittle. Because of the composition of these stones, these types of stone readily absorb moisture very easily and actually erode from the inside out. This process is called “spalling,” and is the reason marble, limestone, and sandstone…

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  • Kitchen Granite Research Paper

    Kitchen granite countertops, formed by nature and fashioned by man, are a striking, resilient and economical choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The term “granite” originates from the Latin root word “granum”, which means "grain." Granite is often brought in from Europe, Brazil, Africa and other areas across the globe opulent in natural stone. Granite is a gorgeous natural stone that will contribute color and cordiality to your kitchen. It is an enormously hard material that will not blister,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Granite Countertops

    3 Misconceptions About Granite Countertops Granite is a beautiful and durable natural stone material for your kitchen countertops. Granite countertops transform a drab kitchen into a kitchen fit for a gourmet cook. Whether cooking is your passion or if you just want a beautiful kitchen, you can't go wrong with granite. A few myths persist about this popular countertop material. Their basis may be in the fact that natural stone slabs have different qualities and characteristics. Here are…

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  • Granite Bay Community Description

    shore of Folsom Lake, about 25 miles Northeast of Sacramento, is the lovely community of Granite Bay. Home to over 20,000 residents, the placid suburb is located on the Eastern edge of the Sacramento Valley nestled among the Sierra Foothills. The small community is known as "A great place to live, work and play." The residents of Granite Bay can attest to the livability of the small community and all that it has to offer. The small Place County community is able to offer its residents an…

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  • Bao Hy Of Pearl Marble & Granite Co.

    It is a process where each step builds on each other, whereas, managers must first plan then organized their plan, lead employees to work towards the plan, and then evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. In the interview with Bao Hy of Pearl Marble & Granite Co., he plays the role of a supervisor, manager and salesman. Pearl Marble & Granite Co. was found in 2013 and it is a small business owned by family at Orange County California. When Bao have a goal of increasing sales during the month,…

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